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Forest Biology and Dendrology Education

Dendrology - Fact Sheets for Tree Identification


  • Virginia Street Tree Selector It is planting season, and you have some nasty soil... see what you could be growing!
  • The Meanings of Scientific Names "I hate Latin names" They can be fun, informative, and offer id hints. Find out what they mean...
  • Fall Color Why do trees change color? Is it going to be a "good" color year? Find explanations here or browse this section by Latin or common names for fall color pictures of your favorite trees.
  • ID Keys Do you have a leaf or twig and no idea what species it is? Try our key and figure it out by simply answering the questions and matching your sample to the pictures. You can also try the interview - input everything you remember and get a list of possible matches.

This site contains tree identification information specific to Forestry 2324, Dendrology Lab at Virginia Tech.  The site also has fact sheets for identifying approximately 875 trees commonly found in the United States with color pictures for all of them.  You can search for your tree by name or browse the entire list.  If you have a tree related question visit Dr. Dendro and we will do our best to answer you.  We also have links to many other tree identification sites from across North America.

Ecology of Appalachian Forests
Are you searching for a meaningful and interesting elective? Ecology of Appalachian Forests is a new course designed for non-science majors. Students will be introduced to natural history, tree biology, tree identification, forest ecology, management, and forest types of the Appalachian region.
Forest Biology
The Forest Biology at Virginia Tech Class Homepage contains links to related forest biology sites, a chance to "Ask Dr. Dendro" a question about trees and forests, and the Electronic Textbook.  The textbook is a highly interactive Shockwave program that runs over the internet.  It contains information on tree structure, physiology, reproduction, variation, growth regulators, dormancy, and forest communities.  It also provides an extensive glossary and interactive quizzing.

Forest Biology and Ecology for Educators

Offered every summer. This a 10 week graduate course covering the basics of tree growth, tree identification (80 commonly occurring species), forest ecology, and natural resource management. The class is primarily aimed at public school biology educators but would be of interest to anyone desiring advanced knowledge about trees and forests. All material is relevant to teaching the Virginia Standards of Learning. Course content will be on CD's and the class managed over the internet. All testing is done on-line.



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