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Forest Biology and Ecology for Educators

Welcome to the Forest Biology and Ecology for Educators class homepage.

Summer 2012 FOR 5384 CRN 61483


Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation

Virginia Tech

Dr John R. Seiler

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Course content for this class is provided through two CD-ROMs.

Woody Plants in North America - You will need to purchase this ASAP. Purchasing can be done through the VT Bookstore or directly from Kendall / Hunt Publishing. The CD costs approximately $100.

Forest Biology and Ecology - This CD will be mailed to you free of charge. Send us an e-mail that includes your mailing address so we can get the CD to you right away.

Scheduling: Class is scheduled to begin June 4 and end August 8. To accomodate your schedules, our schedule is flexible except for a few dates. By the end of July 6 you must have taken four tree identification quizzes and Exam 1 by July 7. By the end of August 7 you must have taken Exam 2 and five additional tree identification quizzes. Lesson plans are due July 29. See the Syllabus for a suggested class format and actual quiz / exam availbility dates.
Course grade: The course grade will be determined by two formal exams covering tree biology and ecology topics, nine quizzes on tree identification, and two lesson plans developed using material learned in the course. The two exams are not cumulative and will each be worth 30 percent of your final grade. Nine tree identification quizzes will also be taken each worth approximately 3.3 percent. Each quiz may be taken twice. A different quiz will be made available and the highest score counted. Quizzes will be cumulative (i.e. the quiz for session 3 will include trees from sessions 1 and 2). All exams and quizzes will be taken over the internet. Each lesson plan will be worth 5% of the final grade.

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What you will need for this course

  • -An e-mail address
  • -A PC with a monitor that is configured to display at least 1024 x 768, CD's will not run on a Macintosh
  • -The Forest Biology and Ecology Web Pages
  • -Woody Plants in North America (CD)
  • -Forest Biology and Ecology Textbook (CD / text only)


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