What's blooming in Montgomery County?


Full Bloom:

Acer negundo flowers Acer negundo - boxelder

Acer platanoides flowers Acer platanoides - Norway maple

Acer saccharum flowers Acer saccharum - sugar maple

Amelanchier arborea flowers Amelanchier arborea - downy serviceberry

Cercis canadensis flowers Cercis canadensis - eastern redbud

Elaeagnus umbellata flowers Elaeagnus umbellata - autumn-olive You can smell these VERY fragrant flowers as you walk or drive around the country.

Forsythia spp. flowers Forsythia spp. - forsythia

Prunus avium flowers Prunus avium - sweet cherry

Prunus serrulata flowers Prunus serrulata - Kwanzan cherry

Pyrus communis flowers Pyrus communis - common pear

Sassafras albidum flowers Sassafras albidum - sassafras

Starting to Bloom:

Cornus florida flowers Cornus florida - flowering dogwood

Malus spp. flowers Malus spp. - apple

Syringa vulgaris flowers Syringa vulgaris - common lilac


Chaenomeles speciosa flowers Chaenomeles speciosa - common floweringquince

Lindera benzoin flowers Lindera benzoin - spicebush

Prunus subhirtella flowers Prunus subhirtella - Higan cherry Very pretty specimens at the lower end of the VT Drillfield.

Prunus xyedoensis flowers Prunus xyedoensis - Yoshino cherry

Pyrus calleryana flowers Pyrus calleryana - Callery pear

Last Updated: April 12, 2024