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"); } //DATA SECTION //define data arrays var records_count=0; v1=new makeArray(records_count); v2 = new makeArray(records_count); var a=0; a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer barbatum Florida maple" v2[a] = "acer barbatum, acer, barbatum, florida maple, florida, maple, southern sugar maple, southern, sugar, southern maple, sugar maple, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer buergeranum trident maple" v2[a] = "acer buergeranum, acer, buergeranum, trident maple, trident, maple, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer campestre hedge maple" v2[a] = "acer campestre, acer, campestre, hedge maple, hedge, maple, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer circinatum Oregon vine maple" v2[a] = "acer circinatum, acer, circinatum, Oregon vine maple, vine maple, Oregon, vine, maple, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer ginnala Amur maple" v2[a] = "acer ginnala, acer, ginnala, Amur maple, Amur, maple, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer glabrum Rocky Mountain maple" v2[a] = "maple, rocky mountain maple, rocky mountain, mountain, acer glabrum, acer, glabrum, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer grandidentatum bigtooth maple" v2[a] = "acer grandidentatum, acer, grandidentatum,dentatum, maple, bigtooth, maple, big tooth, big-tooth, sugar maple, scrub maple, southwestern bigtooth maple, dwarf sugar maple, canyon maple, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer griseum paperbark maple" v2[a] = "acer griseum, acer, griseum, paperbark maple, paperbark, maple, paper bark, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer macrophyllum bigleaf maple" v2[a] = "acer macrophyllum, acer, macrophyllum, bigleaf maple, bigleaf, maple, big leaf, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer negundo boxelder" v2[a] = "maple, boxelder, manitoba maple, manitoba, acer negundo, acer, negundo, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer nigrum black maple" v2[a] = "acer nigrum, acer, nigrum, black maple, black, maple, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer palmatum Japanese maple" v2[a] = "acer palmatum, acer, palmatum, Japanese maple, Japanese, maple, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer pensylvanicum striped maple" v2[a] = "maple, striped maple, striped, moosewood, moose wood, acer pensylvanicum, acer, pensylvanicum, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer platanoides Norway maple" v2[a] = "maple, Norway maple, Norway, acer platanoides, acer, platanoides, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer pseudoplatanus sycamore maple" v2[a] = "maple, sycamore maple, sycamore, acer pseudoplatanus, acer, pseudoplatanus, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer rubrum red maple" v2[a] = "maple, red maple, red, swamp maple, swamp, soft maple, soft, acer rubrum, acer, rubrum, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer saccharinum silver maple" v2[a] = "maple, silver maple, silver, soft maple, soft, acer saccharinum, acer, saccharinum, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer saccharum sugar maple" v2[a] = "maple, sugar maple, sugar, hard maple, hard, rock maple, rock, acer saccharum, acer, saccharum, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acer spicatum mountain maple" v2[a] = "acer spicatum, acer, spicatum, mountain maple, mountain, maple, aceraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Dracaena draco dragontree" v2[a] = "Dracaena draco, draco, dracaena, dragon tree, dragontree, dragon's blood tree, liliacea, agavaceae, Agave Family, Century-plant family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Yucca baccata banana yucca" v2[a] = "banana yucca, yucca, yucca baccata, blue yucca, spanish bayonet, banana, baccata, agavaceae, Agave Family, Century-plant family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Yucca brevifolia Joshua tree" v2[a] = "Joshua tree, yucca, brevifolia, Joshua-tree yucca, Joshua, yucca brevifolia, joshua, tree yucca, agavaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Yucca elata soaptree yucca" v2[a] = "yucca, elata, yucca elata, soaptree, soap tree, soap-tree, spanish- bayonet, datil, Utah yucca, agavaceae, Agave Family, Century-plant family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Yucca schidigera Mojave yucca" v2[a] = "Mojave yucca, yucca, Mojave, yucca mohavensis, mohavensis, schidigera, yucca schidigera, agavaceae, Agave Family, Century-plant family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Yucca torreyana Torrey's yucca" v2[a] = "yucca, torreyana, yucca torreyana, Torrey, Torrey's yucca, torrey, agavaceae, Agave Family, Century-plant family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Cotinus obovatus American smoketree" v2[a] = "American smoketree, American smoke tree, American, smoketree, smoke, tree, Cotinus obovatus, Cotinus, obovatus, anacardiaceae, sumac family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pistacia chinensis Chinese pistache" v2[a] = "Chinese, chinese pistache, pistacia, chinensis, pistacia chinensis, anacardiaceae, sumac family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pachycormus discolor torote blanco" v2[a] = "Pachycormus discolor, discolor, pachycormus, torote blanco, copalquin, elephant tree, Baja elephant tree, anacardiaceae, sumac family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhus aromatica fragrant sumac" v2[a] = "fragrant sumac, fragrant, sumac, rhus aromatica, rhus, aromatica, anacardiaceae, sumac family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhus choriophylla New Mexico evergreen sumac" v2[a] = "sumac, evergreen sumac, evrgreen, New Mexico, New Mexico evergreen sumac, rhus choriophylla, rhus, choriophylla, rhus virens, anacardiaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhus copallina shining sumac" v2[a] = "sumac, shining sumac, shining, winged sumac, winged, dwarf sumac, dwarf, speckled sumac, speckled, flameleaf sumac, flameleaf, rhus copallina, rhus, copallina, anacardiaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhus glabra smooth sumac" v2[a] = "sumac, smooth sumac, smooth, rhus glabra, rhus, glabra, anacardiaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhus integrifolia lemonade sumac" v2[a] = "sumac, lemonade sumac, lemonade, rhus integrifolia, rhus, integrifolia, lemonade berry, anacardiaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhus kearneyi Kearney's sumac" v2[a] = "sumac, Kearney's sumac, desert sumac, Kearney, laurel, rhus kearneyi, rhus, kearneyi, anacardiaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhus lancea African sumac" v2[a] = "Anacardiaceae, rhus lancea, rhus, lancea, African sumac, sumac, karee," a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhus laurina laurel sumac" v2[a] = "sumac, laurel sumac, laurel, rhus laurina, rhus, laurina, malosma, malosma laurina, anacardiaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhus lentii lentisco" v2[a] = "Anacardiaceae, Rhus lentii, rhus, lentii, pink flowering sumac, lentisco, sumac family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhus microphylla littleleaf sumac" v2[a] = "sumac, littleleaf sumac, little leaf sumac, little-leaf sumac, small-leaf, small-leaf sumac, desert sumac, laurel, rhus microphylla, rhus, microphylla, anacardiaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhus ovata sugar sumac" v2[a] = "sumac, sugar sumac, sugar, rhus ovata, rhus, ovata, anacardiaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhus trilobata skunkbush sumac" v2[a] = "sumac, skunkbush sumac, skunkbush, squawbush, lemita, quailbush, three-lobed sumac, three-leaved sumac, Rhus trilobata, Rhus, trilobata, rhus trilobata, anacardiaceae, sumac family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhus typhina staghorn sumac" v2[a] = "sumac, staghorn sumac, staghorn, stag horn sumac, stag horn, rhus typhina, rhus, typhina, hirta, rhus hirta, anacardiaceae, sumac family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Schinus molle California pepper tree" v2[a] = "California, pepper tree, California pepper tree, Peruvian pepertree, schinus, molle, schinus molle, Schinus molle, anacardiaceae, sumac family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Schinus terebinthifolius Brazilian peppertree" v2[a] = "Anacardiaceae, sumac family, Schinus terebinthifolius, schinus, terebinthifolius, pepper tree, peppertree, pepper-tree, Brazilian pepper," a += 1 v1[a] = "Toxicodendron diversilobum Pacific poison-oak" v2[a] = "Pacific poison-oak, Pacific poison oak, Pacific, poison-oak, Pacific, poison oak, poison, oak, Rhus diversiloba, Rhus, diversiloba, anacardiaceae, western, western poison-oak, western poison oak, vine, vines, toxicodendron diversilobum, toxicodendron, sumac family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Toxicodendron quercifolium poison-oak" v2[a] = "Toxicodendron quercifolium, Toxicodendron, quercifolium, poison oak, poison, oak, vine, vines, poison-oak, anacardiaceae, sumac family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Toxicodendron radicans poison-ivy" v2[a] = "poison-ivy, poison ivy, poison, ivy, vine, vines, poison-oak, poison oak, oak, toxicodendron radicans, eastern poison ivy, toxicodendron, radicans, anacardiaceae, sumac family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Toxicodendron vernix poison sumac" v2[a] = "poison sumac, poison-sumac, sumac, poison, vernix, toxicodendron, toxicodendron vernix, anacardiaceae, sumac family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Annona glabra pond apple" v2[a] = "pond apple, pond, apple, annona glabra, annona, glabra, annonaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Asimina parviflora dwarf pawpaw" v2[a] = "dwarf pawpaw, dwarf paw paw, dwarf, pawpaw, small flower paw paw, paw paw, asimina parviflora, asimina, parviflora, annonaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Asimina triloba pawpaw" v2[a] = "pawpaw, paw paw, kentucky banana, kentucky, banana, asimina triloba, asimina, triloba, annonaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ilex cassine dahoon" v2[a] = "Aquifoliaceae Ilex cassine, Aquifoliaceae, Ilex, dahoon, Ilex cassine, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ilex coriacea large gallberry" v2[a] = "Ilex coriacea, Ilex, coriacea, large gallberry, large gall berry, large, gallberry, gall berry, tall gallberry, tall gall berry, tall, Aquifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ilex cornuta Chinese holly" v2[a] = "Ilex cornuta, Ilex, cornuta, Chinese holly, Chinese, holly, Aquifoliaceae, Buford, Bufordii, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ilex crenata Japanese holly" v2[a] = "Ilex crenata, Ilex, crenata, Japanese holly, Japanese, holly, Helleri, Aquifoliaceae " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ilex decidua deciduous holly" v2[a] = "holly, deciduous holly, deciduous, winterberry holly, winterberry, possumhaw, winter berry holly, winter berry, winter, ilex decidua, ilex, decidua, aquifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ilex glabra inkberry" v2[a] = "inkberry, ink berry, small gallberry, small, gallberry, small gall berry, gall berry, ilex glabra, ilex, glabra, aquifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ilex opaca American holly" v2[a] = "holly, American holly, American, christmas holly, christmas, ilex opaca, ilex, opaca, aquifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ilex purpurea Oriental holly" v2[a] = "holly, Oriental holly, Oriental, ilex purpurea, ilex, purpurea, aquifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ilex verticillata winterberry holly" v2[a] = "aquifoliaceae, ilex verticillata, ilex, verticillata, deciduous holly, deciduous, holly,common winterberry, winterberry, winter berry, winter, berry " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ilex vomitoria yaupon" v2[a] = "aquifoliaceae, ilex vomitoria, ilex, vomitoria, yaupon, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ilex x attenuata Foster's holly" v2[a] = "aquifoliaceae, ilex x attenuata, ilex, xattenuata, x attenuata, attenuata, ilex attenuata, Foster's holly, Foster's, holly, Fosters holly, Fosters, fosteri" a += 1 v1[a] = "Nerium oleander nerium" v2[a] = "apocynaceae, nerium, oleander, nerium oleander, rose laurel, rose, laurel, oleander, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Vinca minor periwinkle" v2[a] = "apocynaceae, vinca, minor, vinca minor, common periwinkle, periwinkle, creeping myrtle, dogbane family, myrtle" a += 1 v1[a] = "Araucaria heterophylla Norfolk island pine" v2[a] = "araucariacae, araucaria, heterophylla, araucaria heterophylla, Norfolk, pine, Norfolk island pine" a += 1 v1[a] = "Aralia spinosa Devil's walking stick" v2[a] = "Devil's walking stick, devils walking stick, devils, devil's, walking stick, Devil's club, club, devilsclub, devils club, Hercules-club, hercules club, hercules, club, aralia spinosa, aralia, spinosa, araliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Hedera helix English ivy" v2[a] = "English ivy, English, ivy, Araliaceae Hedera helix, Araliaceae, Hedera, helix, Hedera helix, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Oplopanax horridum Devilsclub" v2[a] = "araliaceae, oplopanax horridum, oplopanax, horridum, Devil's walking stick, Devil's, Devils, walking, stick, Devil's club, club, devilsclub, devils club, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acoelorraphe wrightii Everglades palm" v2[a] = "Acoelorraphe, wrightii, Acoelorraphe wrightii, Everglades palm, Everglades, palm, Arecaceae, Palmae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Phoenix canariensis Canary Island date palm" v2[a] = "Phoenix, canariensis, Phoenix canariensis, Canary Island palm, Canary Island date palm, palm, Arecaceae, Palmae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Roystonia elata royal palm" v2[a] = "Roystonia elata, Roystonia, elata, royal palm, royal, palm, Arecaceae, Palmae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Sabal minor bush palmetto" v2[a] = "bush palmetto, bush, palmetto, sabal minor, sabal, minor, Arecaceae, Palmae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Sabal palmetto cabbage palmetto" v2[a] = "cabbage palmetto, cabbage, palmetto, sabal palmetto, sabal, Arecaceae, Palmae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Serenoa repens saw palmetto" v2[a] = "saw palmetto, saw, palmetto, Serenoa repens, serenoa, repens, Arecaceae, Palmae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Washingtonia filifera California fan palm" v2[a] = "Washingtonia, filifera, washingtonia filifera, California palm, california fan palm, palm, Washington palm, desert palm, California Washington- palm, Arecaceae, Palmae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Washingtonia robusta Mexican fan palm" v2[a] = "Washingtonia, robusta, Washingtonia robusta, fan palm, Washingtonia gracilis, Washingtonia sonorae, Washingtonia palm, skyduster, Washington fan palm, Mexican cotton palm, Mexican, Mexican fan palm, Arecaceae, Palmae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Aristolochia durior Dutchman's-pipe" v2[a] = "aristolochiaceae, aristolochia macrophylla, macrophylla, aristolochia durior, aristolochia, durior, Dutchman's-pipe, dutchmans pipe, dutchman's pipe, dutchmans-pipe, dutchman, pipe, dutchmans, dutchman's, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ambrosia ambrosioides canyon ragweed" v2[a] = "asteraceae, ambrosia, ambrosia leaf burr ragweed, ambrosia ambrosioides, ambrosioides, canyon, canyon ragweed, ragweed, rag-weed, giant " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ambrosia californica coastal sagebrush" v2[a] = "artemisia californica, Artemisia californica, artemisia, californica, coastal sagebrush, California sagebrush, Old man, old man sage, Romerillo, California sagewort, sagewort, asteraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ambrosia chenopodiifolia San Diego bursage" v2[a] = "ambrosia chenopiifolia, ambrosia, chenopodiifolia, San Diego bur-sage, bursage, San Diego bursage, burr, burr ragweed, asteraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ambrosia deltoidea triangleleaf bursage" v2[a] = "ambrosia deltoidea, ambrosia, deltoidea, triangleleaf bur-sage, bursage, triangleleaf, triangle leaf, triagle leaf bursage, triangle-leaf bursage, bur sage, bursage, burr, Franseria deltoidea, franseria, ragweed, asteraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Baccharis halimifolia Eastern baccharis" v2[a] = "asteraceae, Eastern, Eastern baccharis, baccharis, baccharis halimifolia, halimifolia, groudsel-tree, silverling, salt bush, buckbrush, sea myrtle, groudsel-bush, coyote brush, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Baccharis pteronioides Yerba de pasmo" v2[a] = "asteraceae, baccharis, baccharis pteronioides, pteronioides, Yerba de pasmo, chill weed, baccharis romulosa, Aplopappus romulosa, aploppapus, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Baccharis sarothroides desertbroom" v2[a] = "asteraceae, baccharis, baccharis sarotroides, sarothroides, baccharis, desertbroom, desert broom, Mexican broom, rosin broom, broom baccharis, broom, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Encelia californica California brittlebush" v2[a] = "asteraceae, encelia, Encelia, encelia californica, brittlebush, California brittlebrush, encelia daisy, bush sunflower, California sunflower, California encelia, brittle bush, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Encelia farinosa brittle bush" v2[a] = "asteraceae, encelia, Encelia, encelia farinosa, farinosa, brittlebush, goldenhills, brittle-bush, white brittle bush, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ericameria linearifolia narrowleaf goldenbush" v2[a] = "asteraceae, Ericameria linearifolia, linearifolius, ericameria, narrowleaf goldenbush, goldenbush, golden-bush, interior goldenush, linear-leaved goldenbush, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ericameria palmeri Palmer's goldenbush" v2[a] = "asteraceae, Ericameria palmeri, palmerii, ericameria, Palmer's goldenbush, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Iva hayesiana San Diego povertyweed " v2[a] = "asteraceae, Iva hayesiana, iva, hayesiana, San Diego povertyweed, poverty-weed, Hayes iva, San Diego marsh elder, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Psilostrophe cooperi paper daisy" v2[a] = "asteraceae, Psilostrophe cooperi, cooperi, psilostrophe, paper-daisy, paper-flower, paperflower," a += 1 v1[a] = "Pluchea sericea arrow-weed" v2[a] = "asteraceae, arrow, arrowweed, arrow- weed, pluchea, pluchea sericea, sericea," a += 1 v1[a] = "Viguiera laciniata Sun Diego sunflower" v2[a] = "asteraceae, Viguiera laciniata, laciniata, viguiera, San Diego sunflower, San Diego County goldeneye, goldeneye, San Diego viguiera," a += 1 v1[a] = "Mahonia aquifolium tall Oregon-grape" v2[a] = "tall Oregon-grape, tall oregon grape, Oregon grape, tall, oregon-grape, grape, Oregon, holly grape, holly-grape, berberis aquifolium, berberis, aquifolium, berberidaceae, mahonia, mahonia aquifolium, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Mahonia fremontii Fremont barberry" v2[a] = "Berberidaceae, berberis, Mahonia fremontii, mahonia, Berberis fremontii, Fremont barberry, desert mahonia, Barberry Family, desert Oregon grape, Berberis higgisiae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Mahonia nervosa dwarf Oregon-grape" v2[a] = "dwarf Oregon-grape, dwarf Oregon grape, barberry, Oregon grape, oregon-grape, dwarf, grape, Oregon, holly grape, holly-grape, berberis nervosa, berberis, nervosa, berberidaceae, mahonia, mahonia nervosa, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Mahonia nevinii Nevin's barberry" v2[a] = "Berberidaceae, berberis, Mahonia nevinii, mahonia, Berberis nevinii, Fremont barberry, Nevin's barberry, Barberry Family, holly grape, Berberis higgisiae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Mahonia repens creeping mahonia" v2[a] = "Berberidaceae, berberis, Mahonia repens, mahonia, Berberis repens, barberry, creeping mahonia, creeping barberry, creeping holly grape, Oregon grape, ash barberry, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Berberis thunbergii Japanese barberry" v2[a] = "Japanese barberry, Japanese, barberry, berberis thunbergii, berberis, thunbergii, berberidaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Nandina domestica Heavenly bamboo" v2[a] = "Nandina domestica, nandina, domestica, heavenly bamboo, sacred bamboo, heavenly, bamboo, berberidaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Alnus glutinosa European black alder" v2[a] = "alder, european black alder, black alder, european, black, alnus glutinosa, alnus, glutinosa, betulaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Alnus rhombifolia white alder" v2[a] = "betulaceae, alnus rhombifolia, alnus, rhombifolia, white alder, white, alder, Sierra, Sierra alder, Sierra white alder" a += 1 v1[a] = "Alnus rubra red alder" v2[a] = "betulaceae, alnus rubra, alnus, rubra, red alder, red, alder, Oregon alder, Oregon, western alder, western, Pacific coast alder , Pacific, Oregon cherry, Oregon, cherry" a += 1 v1[a] = "Alnus rugosa speckled alder" v2[a] = "betulaceae, alnus rugosa, alnus incana ssp. rugosa, alnus, rugosa, speckled alder, speckled, alder, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Alnus serrulata hazel alder" v2[a] = "alder, hazel alder, hazel, smooth alder, smooth, speckled alder, speckled, alnus serrulata, alnus, serrulata, betulaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Alnus sinuata Sitka alder" v2[a] = "betulaceae, alnus sinuata, alnus, alnus viridis ssp sinuata, sinuata, Sitka alder, Sitka, alder" a += 1 v1[a] = "Betula alleghaniensis yellow birch" v2[a] = "birch, yellow birch, yellow, lutea birch, lutea, betula alleghaniensis, betula, alleghaniensis, betulaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Betula lenta sweet birch" v2[a] = "birch, sweet birch, sweet, black birch, black, roundleaf birch, roundleaf, round leaf birch, round leaf, betula lenta, betula, lenta, betulaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Betula nigra river birch" v2[a] = "birch, river birch, river, red birch, red, betula nigra, betula, nigra, betulaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Alnus oblongifolia Arizona alder" v2[a] = "Arizona, Arizona alder, alder, alnus, alnus oblongifolia, oblongifolia, Betualceae, betualceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Betula occidentalis water birch" v2[a] = "birch, water birch, betula occidentalis, betula, occidentalis, Rocky Mountain birch, betulaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Betula papyrifera paper birch" v2[a] = "birch, paper birch, paper, white birch, white, betula papyrifera, betula, papyrifera, betulaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Betula pendula European white birch" v2[a] = "birch, European white birch, european, white, white birch, european birch, european white weeping birch, weeping birch, weeping, white weeping birch, betula alleghaniensis, betula, alleghaniensis, betulaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Betula populifolia gray birch" v2[a] = "birch, gray birch, gray, betula populifolia, betula, populifolia, betulaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Betula uber Roundleaf birch" v2[a] = "Betula uber, Betulaceae, Betulaceae Betula uber, birch, roundleaf, roundleaf birch, betula, Virginia roundleaf, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Carpinus caroliniana hornbeam" v2[a] = "hornbeam, musclewood, muscle wood, muscle, blue beech, ironwood, iron wood, iron, carpinus caroliniana, carpinus, caroliniana, betulaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Corylus americana American hazel" v2[a] = "hazel, American hazel, filbert hazel, filbert, corylus americana, corylus, americana, betulaceae, hazelnut, hazel nut" a += 1 v1[a] = "Corylus cornuta beaked hazel" v2[a] = "hazel, beaked hazel, filbert hazel, filbert, corylus cornuta, corylus, cornuta, betulaceae, hazelnut, hazel nut" a += 1 v1[a] = "Ostrya virginiana Eastern hophornbeam" v2[a] = "eastern hophornbeam, eastern, hophornbeam, ironwood, iron wood, iron, ostrya virginiana, ostrya, virginiana, betulaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Bignonia capreolata crossvine" v2[a] = "bignoniaceae, trumpet-creeper family, bignonia capreolata, bignonia, capreolata, crossvine, cross vine, vines, vine, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Catalpa bignonioides southern catalpa" v2[a] = "Catalpa bignonioides, catalpa, bignonioides, southern catalpa, bignoniaceae, trumpet-creeper family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Campsis radicans trumpet creeper" v2[a] = "bignoniaceae, campsis radicans, campsis, radicans, trumpetcreeper, trumpet creeper, trumpet, creeper, vines, vine, trumpet-creeper family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Catalpa speciosa Northern catalpa" v2[a] = "Northern catalpa, catalpa, norhern, catalpa speciosa, catalpa, speciosa, bignoniaceae, trumpet-creeper family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Chilopsis linearis desert willow" v2[a] = "desert, desert willow, desertwillow, flowering willow, flowering-willow, willowleaf catalpa, desert catalpa, catalpa, false-willow, catalpa willow, bow willow, willow, chilopsis, linearis, chilopsis linearis, bignoniaceae, trumpet-creeper family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Jacaranda mimosifolia jacaranda" v2[a] = "Bignoniaceae, Jacaranda mimosifolia, jacaranda tree, jacaranda, mimosifolia, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Tecoma stans yellow bells" v2[a] = "Bignoniaceae, yellow bells, tecoma, stans, tecoma stans, Bignonia stans, Stenolobium stans, Stelobium incisium, Bignonia frutescens, yellow elder, Tecoma incisa, yellow trumpet bush, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ehretia anacua sandpaper tree" v2[a] = "Ehretia, ehretia, ehretia anacua, anacua, sandpaper tree, sand paper tree, sand-paper tree, knockaway, boraginaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Bursera fagaroides fragrant bursera" v2[a] = "Burseraceae, bursera, Bursera fagaroides, fagaroides, fragrant bursera, elephant tree, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Bursera hindsiana copal" v2[a] = "Burseraceae, bursera, Bursera hindsiana, hindsiana, copal, torchwood, torch wood, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Bursera microphylla elephant tree" v2[a] = "Burseraceae, bursera, Bursera microphylla, microphilla, torote, torote Colorado, copal, gray elephant tree, small-leaf elephant tree, palo colorado, red stick, elephant tree, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Bursera simarouba gumbo-limbo" v2[a] = "gumbo-limbo, gumbo limbo, gumbolimbo, gumbo, limbo, Bursera simarouba, Bursera, simarouba, burseraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Buxus sempervirens boxwood" v2[a] = "boxwood, box wood, box-wood, box, wood, common box, Buxus sempervirens, Buxus, sempervirens, buxaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pachysandra terminalis Japanese pachysandra" v2[a] = "Japanese, japanese pachysandra, pachysandra, terminalis, pachisandra terminalis, buxaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Simmondsia chinensis jojoba" v2[a] = "simmondsia, chinensis, simmondsia chinensis, jojoba, goat-nut, coffee bush, quinine plant, buxaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Carnegiea giganteus Saguaro cactus" v2[a] = "Carnegiea, cereus, cereus giganteus, giganteus, carnegiea giganteus, saguaro cactus, Saguaro, columnar cactus, cactaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cereus hildmannianus Andes organ pipe" v2[a] = "Cereus hildmannianus, hildmannianus, cactus, cereus peruvianus, peruvianus, Andes organ pipe, queen of the night, cactaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ferocactus wislizeni barrelcactus" v2[a] = "Ferocactus wislizeni, ferocactus, wislizeni, cactus, wislizenii, barelcactus, barrel cactus, candy barrelcactus, rose candy barrelcactus, compass cactus, fishhook barrelcactus, fishhook barrel cactus, cactaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Opuntia acanthocarpa buckthorn cholla" v2[a] = "opuntia, acanthocarpa, opuntia acanthocarpa, buckthorn cholla, cholla, cactaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Opuntia bigelovii Teddy bear cholla" v2[a] = "opuntia, bigelovii, opuntia bigeloviii, Teddy bear, Teddy, bear, Teddy-bear, cholla, Teddy Bear cholla, teddybear cholla, cylindropuntia, cylindropuntia bigelovii, cactaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Opuntia cineracea Teddy bear cholla" v2[a] = "opuntia, cineracea, opuntia cineracea, opuntia tesajo, pencil cholla, chain-link cholla, cholla, Cylindropuntia tesajo, cylindropuntia , cactaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Opuntia engelmannii cactus apple" v2[a] = "Cactaceae, Opuntia engelmannii, opuntia, engelmannii, cactus, cactus apple, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Opuntia fulgida chain cholla" v2[a] = "opuntia, fulgida, opuntia fulgida, cylindropuntia, jumping cholla, chainfruit, chainfruit cholla, jumping cholla, chain-fruit cholla, cactaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Opuntia imbricata  tree cholla" v2[a] = "opuntia, opuntia imbricata, cane cholla, imbricata, tree cholla cactus, cholla, chainlink cactus, cactaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Opuntia spinosior  cane cholla" v2[a] = "opuntia, opuntia spinosior, spinosior, cane cholla, cholla cane cactus, walkingstick cholla, cactaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Opuntia rufida blind pricklypear" v2[a] = "opuntia, rufida, opuntia rufida, cactus, cower blinder, cactaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pachycereus schottii whisker cactu" v2[a] = "cereus, pachycereus, pachycereus schottii, schottii, cactus, whisker cactus, senita cactus, cactaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cercis canadensis eastern redbud" v2[a] = "eastern redbud, eastern, redbud, cercis canadensis, cercis, canadensis, caesalpiniaceae, fabaceae, leguminosae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Cercis occidentalis western redbud" v2[a] = "western redbud, western, redbud, cercis occidentalis, cercis, occidentalis, caesalpiniaceae, fabaceae, leguminosae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Gleditsia aquatica waterlocust" v2[a] = "waterlocust, water locust, water, locust, gleditsia aquatica, gleditsia, aquatica, caesalpiniaceae, fabaceae, leguminosae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Gleditsia triacanthos honeylocust" v2[a] = "honeylocust, honey locust, honey, locust, gleditsia triacanthos, gleditsia, triacanthos, caesalpiniaceae, fabaceae, leguminosae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Gymnocladus dioicus Kentucky coffeetree" v2[a] = "Kentucky coffeetree, kentucky, coffeetree, kentucky coffee tree, coffee, gymnocladus dioicus, gymnocladus, dioicus, caesalpiniaceae, fabaceae, leguminosae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Calycanthus floridus common sweetshrub" v2[a] = "calycanthaceae, calycanthus floridus, calycanthus, floridus, common sweetshrub, sweetshrub, common sweet shrub, sweet shrub, Carolina allspice, Carolina, allspice, Carolina all spice, all spice, hairy strawberry shrub, strawberry shrub, strawberry-shrub, strawberry-shrub family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Calycanthus occidentalis  sweetshrub" v2[a] = "calycanthaceae, calycanthus occidentalis, calycanthus, occidentalis, common sweetshrub, sweetshrub, common sweet shrub, sweet shrub, spicebush, calycanthus macrophyllus, macrophyllus, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cleome isomeris  bladderpod spiderflower" v2[a] = "capparaceae, cleome isomeris, isomeris, cleome, bladderpod spiderflower, spiderflower, bladderpod, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Koeberlinia spinosa  allthorn" v2[a] = "capparaceae, Caper, Caper Family, allthorn, koeberlinia, spinosa, koeberlinia spinosa, crucifixion thorn, crown of thorns, Crucifixion Thorn, Junco, crown of thorn, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Abelia x grandiflora glossy abelia" v2[a] = "caprifoliaceae, Abelia x grandiflora, Abelia, grandiflora, x grandiflora, glossy abelia, glossy, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Diervilla lonicera northern bush-honeysuckle" v2[a] = "caprifoliaceae, Diervilla lonicera, Diervilla, lonicera, northern bush-honeysuckle, northern, bush, honey, suckle, honeysuckle, bush-honeysuckle, bush honeysuckle, northern bush honeysuckle, northern bush honey suckle, bush honeysuckle, bush honey suckle, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Kolkwitzia amabilis beautybush" v2[a] = "caprifoliaceae, Kolkwitzia amabilis, Kolkwitzia, beautybush, beauty bush, beauty, bush, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Linnea borealis  twinflower" v2[a] = "Caprifoliaceae, Linnaea borealis, linnaea, borealis, twinflower, twin-flower, northern twinflower, western twinflower, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Lonicera involucrata twinberry" v2[a] = "caprifoliaceae, lonicera involucrata, lonicera, twinberry honeysuckle, involucrata, black, twinberry, black twinberry, black twin berry, twin berry, honeysuckle, honey suckle" a += 1 v1[a] = "Lonicera japonica Japanese honeysuckle" v2[a] = "Japanese honeysuckle, Japanese, honeysuckle, Japanese honey suckle, honey suckle, vine, vines, lonicera japonica, lonicera, japonica, caprifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Lonicera maackii Amur honeysuckle" v2[a] = "caprifoliaceae, lonicera maackii, lonicera, maackii, Amur honeysuckle, Amur, honeysuckle, Amur honey suckle, honey suckle, bush honeysuckle, bush honey suckle, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Lonicera morrowii Morrow honeysuckle" v2[a] = "caprifoliaceae, lonicera morrowii, lonicera, morrowii, Morrow honeysuckle, Morrow, honeysuckle, Morrow honey suckle, honey suckle, bush honeysuckle, bush honey suckle, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Loiseleuria procumbens  alpine azalea" v2[a] = "Caprifoliaceae, Loiseleuria procumbens, procumbens, loiseleuria, alpine azalea, azalea, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Lonicera utahensis  red twinflower" v2[a] = "Caprifoliaceae, Lonicera utahensis, utahensis, lonicera, red twinflower, Lonicera ebraculata, Utah honeysuckle, fly honeysuckle, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Sambucus canadensis American elderberry" v2[a] = "American elderberry, American, elderberry, elder berry, elder, berry, common elderberry, common, common elder berry, Sambucus canadensis, Sambucus, canadensis, Caprifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Sambucus cerulea blue elderberry" v2[a] = "blue elderberry, blue, elderberry, blue elder berry, elder berry, elder, berry, Sambucus cerulea, Sambucus, cerulea, Sambucus glauca, Caprifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Sambucus mexicana  Mexican elderberry" v2[a] = "caprifoliaceae, sambucus, mexicana, sambucus mexicana, Mexican, mexican elderberry, elderberry, Mexican elder, blue elderberry, Honysuckle Family , " a += 1 v1[a] = "Sambucus racemosa red elderberry" v2[a] = "red elderberry, red, elderberry, red elder berry, elder berry, elder, berry, Sambucus racemosa, sambucus pubens, pubens, Sambucus, racemosa, Caprifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Symphoricarpos albus snowberry" v2[a] = "snowberry, snow, berry, snow berry, common snowberry, Symphoricarpos albus, Symphoricarpos, albus, spreading snowberry, spreading snow berry, Caprifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Symphoricarpos orbiclatus coralberry" v2[a] = "coralberry, berry, Symphoricarpos orbiclatus, orbiclatus, Symphoricarpos, Caprifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Viburnum acerifolium mapleleaf viburnum" v2[a] = "mapleleaf viburnum, mapleleaf, viburnum, maple leaf viburnum, maple leaf, maple, maple-leaf viburnum, maple-leaf, Viburnum acerifolium, Viburnum, acerifolium, Caprifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Viburnum alnifolium hobblebush" v2[a] = "hobblebush, hobble bush, hobble, bush, viburnum, doghobble, dog, hobble, witchhobble, witch hobble, witch, Viburnum alnifolium, Viburnum, alnifolium, Caprifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Viburnum dentatum Southern arrowwood" v2[a] = "southern arrowwood, southern, arrowwood, arrow-wood, arrow wood, arrow, wood, southern arrow wood, southern arrow-wood, arrowwood viburnum, arrow wood viburnum, arrow-wood viburnum, Viburnum dentatum, dentatum, Caprifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Viburnum ellipticum western viburnum" v2[a] = "Caprifoliaceae, viburnum ellipticum, viburnum, ellipticum, oval-leaf viburnum, western viburnum, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Viburnum lentago nannyberry" v2[a] = "Viburnum lentago, Viburnum, lentago, nannyberry, nanny, berry, caprifoliaceae, cap, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Viburnum nudum possumhaw viburnum" v2[a] = "viburnum nudum, nudum, possumhaw viburnum, viburnum, possumhaw, caprifoliaceae, cap, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Viburnum opulus European cranberrybush" v2[a] = "viburnum opulus, opulus, viburnum, European cranberrybush, European cranberry bush, European cranberrybush viburnum, european, cranberry, bush, cranberrybush, cranberry bush, snowballbush, snowball bush, snow ball bush, snowball, caprifoliaceae, cap, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Viburnum plicatum doublefile viburnum" v2[a] = "doublefile viburnum, doublefile, viburnum, double file viburnum, double, file, double-file viburnum, double-file, Viburnum plicatum, plicatum, Caprifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Viburnum prunifolium blackhaw" v2[a] = "blackhaw, black haw, haw, black, blackhaw smooth, smooth, Viburnum prunifolium, Viburnum, prunifolium, Caprifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Viburnum rhytidophyllum leatherleaf viburnum" v2[a] = "leatherleaf viburnum, leatherleaf, viburnum, leather leaf viburnum, leather leaf, leather, Viburnum rhytidophyllum, Viburnum, rhytidophyllum, Caprifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Viburnum rufidulum rusty blackhaw" v2[a] = "rusty blackhaw, rusty, blackhaw, rusty black haw, black haw, haw, Viburnum rufidulum, Viburnum rudifolium, Viburnum, rufidulum, rudifolium, Caprifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Viburnum trilobum highbush-cranberry" v2[a] = "highbush-cranberry, highbush cranberry, highbush, cranberry, Viburnum trilobum, Viburnum, trilobum, Caprifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Weigela florida old fashioned weigela" v2[a] = "Weigela florida, Weigela, florida, old fashioned weigela, old, fashioned, old-fashioned weigela, old-fashioned, old fashion weigela, old-fashion, Caprifoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Casuarina equisetifolia Australian-pine" v2[a] = "Australian-pine, australian, pine, australian pine, Casuarina equisetifolia, Casuarina, equisetifolia, she-oak family, casuarinaceae, she-oak, swamp she-oak, she oak, swamp she oak, swamp, she, oak" a += 1 v1[a] = "Celastrus spp. bittersweet" v2[a] = "bitter sweet, bittersweet, bitter, sweet, vine, vines, Celastrus scandens, Celastrus, spp., scandens, Celastraceae, bittersweet family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Euonymus alatus winged euonymous" v2[a] = "Euonymus alatus, Euonymus, alatus, winged euonymous, winged, burning bush, burning, Celastraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Euonymus americanus strawberry bush" v2[a] = "strawberry bush, strawberry, bush, wahoo, burning bush, burning, Euonymus americanus, Euonymous, americanus, Celastraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Euonymus atropurpureus eastern wahoo" v2[a] = "eastern wahoo, eastern, wahoo, burning bush, burning, bush, Euonymus atropurpureus, Euonymous, atropurpureus, Celastraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Euonymus europeus  spindletree" v2[a] = "celastraceae, spindletree, spindle tree, Spindle Tree, euonymus, europeus, euonymus europeus, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Euonymus fortunei  wintercreeper" v2[a] = "celastraceae, euonymus, fortunei, euonymus fortunei, wintercreeper, winter creeper, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pistacia chinensis Chinese pistache" v2[a] = "Celastraceae, Staff-tree family, Paxistima myrsinites, paxistima, myrsitines, boxleaf, myrtle, bowleaf myrtle, mountain lover, Oregon bxleaf, false box, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cercidiphyllum japonicum katsuratree" v2[a] = "Cercidiphyllum japonicum, Cercidiphyllum, japonicum, katsuratree, katsura tree, katsura, tree, cercidiphyllaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Atriplex canescens  four-wing saltbush" v2[a] = "chenopodiaceae, goosefoot family, atriplex, canescens, atriplex canescens, four wing, four- wing saltbush, saltbush, fourwing saltbush, wingscale, shadescale, salt sage, chamiza, buckweat shrub, bushy atriplex, atriplex occidentalis, obione canescens, obione tetraptera, wafer sage" a += 1 v1[a] = "Cistus spp  rockrose" v2[a] = "cistaceae, cistus, cistus spp., rock rose, rockrose, rock-rose, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Clethra alnifolia summersweet clethra" v2[a] = "Clethra alnifolia, clethra, alnifolia, summersweet clethra, summersweet, sweet-pepperbush, sweet pepperbush, sweet pepper bush, pepperbush, pepper bush, summer sweet clethra, summer sweet, clethra family, coastal sweet peprbush, clethraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Hypericum spp. Saint Johnswort" v2[a] = "Hypericum spp., Hypericum, spp., spp, hypericum spp, Saint Johnswort, Saint, Johnswort, Saint Johns wort, Saint John's wort, Saint Johns-wort, st. johnswort, st. johns wort, st. john's wort, john, johns, Saint Johnswart, Saint, Johnswart, Saint Johns wart, Saint John's wart, Saint Johns-wart, st. johnswart, st. johns wart, st. john's wart, clusiaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Laguncularia racemosa white mangrove" v2[a] = "Laguncularia racemosa, Laguncularia, racemosa, white mangrove, white, mangrove, combretaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Artemisia tridentata big sagebrush" v2[a] = "Artemisia tridentata, Artemisia, tridentata, big sagebrush, big, sagebrush, sage, brush, sage brush, asteraceae, compositae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Chrysothamnus nauseosus gray rabbitbrush" v2[a] = "Chrysothamnus nauseosus, Chrysothamnus, nauseosus, gray rabbitbrush, gray rabbit brush, gray, rabbitbrush, rabbit brush, asteraceae, compositae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cornus alternifolia alternate-leaf dogwood" v2[a] = "alternate-leaf dogwood, alternate-leaf, dogwood, alternate leaf dogwood, alternate leaf, pagoda, pagoda dogwood, cornus alternifolia, cornus, alternifolia, cornaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cornus amomum silky dogwood" v2[a] = "silky dowood, silky, dogwood, cornus amomum, cornus, amomum, cornaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cornus canadensis bunchberry" v2[a] = "bunchberry, bunch berry, bunch, berry, cornus canadensis, cornus, canadensis, cornaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cornus florida flowering dogwood" v2[a] = "flowering dogwood, flowering, dogwood, Cornus florida, cornus, florida, Cornaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cornus kousa kousa dogwood" v2[a] = "kousa dogwood, kousa, dogwood, Chinese dogwood, chinese, Cornus kousa, cornus, kousa, Cornaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cornus mas Cornelian cherry dogwood" v2[a] = "Cornus mas, cornus, mas, Cornelian cherry dogwood, Cornelian, cherry, dowgwood, Cornelian cherry, corneliancherry, Cornaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cornus nuttallii Pacific dogwood" v2[a] = "Cornus nuttallii, cornus, nuttallii, Pacific dogwood, Pacific, dogwood, Cornaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cornus sericea red-osier dogwood" v2[a] = "Cornus stolonifera, Cornus sericea, sericea, cornus, stolonifera, red-osier, dogwood, red osier dogwood, red osier, dogwood, redosier dogwood, redosier, Cornaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cyrilla racemiflora swamp cyrilla" v2[a] = "cyrillaceae, cyrilla family, cyrilla racemiflora, cyrilla, racemiflora, swamp cyrilla, swamp, titi, ti ti, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Diospyros texana Texas persimmon" v2[a] = "persimmon, Texas persimmon, ebenaceae, Ebenaceae, diospyros texana, texana, diospyros, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Diospyros virginiana persimmon" v2[a] = "persimmon, common persimmon, common, Diospyros virginiana, Diospyros, virginiana, Ebenaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Elaeagnus angustifolia Russian-olive" v2[a] = "Russian-olive, Russian, olive, eleagnus, Elaeagnus angustifolia, Elaeagnus, angustifolia, Elaeagnaceae, eleagnaceae, eleagnus, eleagnus angustifolia, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Elaeagnus umbellata autumn-olive" v2[a] = "autumn-olive, autumn, olive, eleagnus, Elaeagnus umbellata, Elaeagnus, umbellata, Elaeagnaceae, eleagnaceae, eleagnus, eleagnus umbellata, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Shepherdia canadensis soapberry" v2[a] = "russet buffaloberry, roundleaf, buffaloberry, buffalo, soopalallie, Elaeagnaceae, eleagnaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Shepherdia rotundifolia roundleaf buffaloberry" v2[a] = "roundleaf buffaloberry, roundleaf, buffaloberry, buffalo, silver buffaloberry, Parry roundleaf buffaloberry, silver, Elaeagnaceae, eleagnaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ephedra viridis  Mormon tea" v2[a] = "ephedraceae, ephedra, ephedra viridis, mormon, mormon tea, tea, desert tea, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Arbutus arizonica Arizona madrone" v2[a] = "arbutus, arbutus arizonica, arizonica, madrone, Arizona madrone, madrono, ericaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Arbutus menziesii Pacific madrone" v2[a] = "Arbutus menziesii, arbutus, menziesii, Pacific madrone, Pacific, madrone, ericaceae, , " a += 1 v1[a] = "Arctostaphylos columbiana hairy manzanita" v2[a] = "Arctostaphylos columbiana, Arctostaphylos, columbiana, hairy manzanita, hairy, manzanita, ericaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Arctostaphylos densiflora Vine Hill manzanita" v2[a] = "Ericaceae, Arctostaphylos, Arctostaphylos densiflora, densiflora, manzanita, Vine Hill manzanita, Vine Hill, Sonoma manzanita, harmony, sentinel, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Arctostaphylos glauca bigberry manzanita" v2[a] = "Arctostaphylos glauca, Arctostaphylos, glauca, bigberry manzanita, bigberry, manzanita, ericaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Arctostaphylos patula green manzanita" v2[a] = "Arctostaphylos patula, Arctostaphylos, patula, green manzanita, greenleaf manzanita, green, manzanita, ericaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Arctostaphylos pungens pointleaf manzanita" v2[a] = "Ericaceae, Arctostaphylos, Arctostaphylos pungens, pungens, pointleaf, point-leaf, point leaf, pointleaf manzanita, manzanita, Mexican manzanita, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Kinnikinick" v2[a] = "Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, uva ursi, uvaursi, Arctostaphylos, uva-ursi, Kinnikinick, ericaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Arctostaphylos viscida whiteleaf manzanita" v2[a] = "Arctostaphylos viscida, Arctostaphylos, viscida, whiteleaf, sticky whiteleaf manzanita, manzanita, ericaceae, Ericaceae Arctostaphylos viscida, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Arbutus xalapensis Texas madron" v2[a] = "Ericaceae, Arbutus, arbutus, Arbutus xalapensis, xalapensis, Arbutus texana, texana, madron, madrono, Texas arbutus, Naked Indian, Lady's Leg, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cassiopemertensiana white mountain heather" v2[a] = "Ericaceae, Cassiope mertensiana, mertensiana, cassiope, white heather, white mountain heather, western moss heather, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Gaultheria procumbens teaberry" v2[a] = "teaberry, tea berry, tea, berry, redberry wintergreen, redberry winter green, red berry wintergreen,eastern teaberry, red berry winter green, red berry, winter green, redberry, wintergreen, Gaultheria procumbens, Gaultheria, procumbens, ericaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Gaylussacia spp.  huckleberry" v2[a] = "ericaceae, gaylussacia spp., gaylussacia, huckle, berry, huckle berry, huckleberry, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Gaultheria shallon salal" v2[a] = "Gaultheria shallon, Gaultheria, shallon, salal, ericaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Kalmia angustifolia sheep laurel" v2[a] = "Sheep laurel, Sheep, laurel, Ericaceae Kalmia angustifolia, Ericaceae, Kalmia, angustifolia, Kalmia angustifolia, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Kalmia latifolia mountain laurel" v2[a] = "mountain laurel, mountain, laurel, mountainlaurel, mountain-laurel, Kalmia latifolia, Kalmia, latifolia, ericaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Leucothoe axillaris coast leucothoe" v2[a] = "coast leucothoe, coast, leucothoe axillaris, Leucothoe, axillaris, ericaceae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Leucothoe racemosa swamp sweetbells" v2[a] = "swamp sweetballs, swamp, sweetballs, ericaceae, Leucothoe, racemosa, Ericaceae Leucothoe racemosa, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Lyonia ferruginea  stagger-bush" v2[a] = "ericaceae, lyonia, lyonia ferruginea, ferruginea, stagger, staggerbush, stagger-bush, crookedwood, tree lyonia, rusty lyonia, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Lyonia lucida fetterbush lyonia" v2[a] = "fetterbush lyonia, fetterbush, lyonia, staggerbush, Lyonia lucida, Lyonia, lucida, ericaceae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Menziesia ferruginea false azalea" v2[a] = "ericaceae, menziesia ferruginea, ferruginea, menziesia, false azalea, fool's huckleberry, Menziesia glabella, false huckleberry, mock azalea, rusty menziesa, smooth menziensia, Pacific menziesa, skunkbrush, rustyleaf, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Oxydendrum arboreum sourwood" v2[a] = "sourwood, sour wood, sour, sorrel tree, sorrel, lilly of the valley tree, lilly, Oxydendrum arboreum, Oxydendrum, arboreum, ericaceae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Pieris floribunda mountain pieris" v2[a] = "ericaceae, pieris, pieris floribunda, floribunda, mountain pieris, mountain fetterbush, fetterbush, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pieris japonica Japanese pieris" v2[a] = "Japanese pieris, Japanese, pieris, Pieris japonica, japonica, ericaceae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhododendron albiflorum white rhododendron" v2[a] = "Ericaceae, Rhododendron albiflorum, rhododendron, albiflorum, white rhododendron, white-flowered rhododendron," a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhododendron calendulaceum flame azalea" v2[a] = "Rhododendron calendulaceum, Rhododendron, calendulaceum, flame azalea, flame, azalea, ericaceae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhododendron canescens swamp azalea" v2[a] = "Rhododendron canescens, Rhododendron, canescens, swamp azalea, swamp, azalea, mountain azalea, ericaceae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhododendron catawbiense Catawba rhododendron" v2[a] = "Rhododendron catawbiense, Rhododendron, catawbiense, Catawba rhododendron, Catawba, rhododendron, rosebay, rose bay, mountain rhododendron, laurel, ericaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhododendron macrophyllum Pacific rhododendron" v2[a] = "Rhododendron macrophyllum, Rhododendron, macrophyllum, Pacific rhododendron, Pacific, rhododendron, rosebay, rose bay, mountain rhododendron, laurel, ericaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhododendron maximum great rhododendron" v2[a] = "great rhododendron, great, rhododendron, rosebay, rose bay, rose-bay, Rhododendron maximum, Rhododendron, maximum, laurel, ericaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhododendron nudiflorum pink azalea" v2[a] = "pink azalea, pink, azalea, Rhododendron nudiflorum, Rhododendron, nudiflorum, rhododendron periclymensoides, ericaceae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhododendron occidentale western azalea" v2[a] = "Rhododendron occidentale, Rhododendron, occidentale, western azalea, western, azalea, ericaceae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Vaccinium arboreum sparkleberry" v2[a] = "Vaccinium arboreum, Vaccinium, arboreum, sparkleberry, sparkle berry, farkleberry, farkle berry, ericaceae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Vaccinium corymbosum  highbush blueberry" v2[a] = "ericaceae, Vaccinium corymbosum, vaccinium, corymbosum, highbush, highbush blueberry, blueberry, high-bush blueberry, tall blueberry, northern highbush blueberry, Vaccinium amoenum, Vaccinium fuscatum, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Vaccinium macrocarpon cranberry" v2[a] = "Ericaceae, Vaccinium macrocarpon, macrocarpon, American cranberry, cranberry," a += 1 v1[a] = "Vaccinium membranaceum big huckleberry" v2[a] = "big huckleberry, Vaccinium membranaceum, thinleaf huckleberry, huckleberry, big, Vaccinium, ericaceae, membranaceum, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Vaccinium ovalifolium ovalleaf huckleberry" v2[a] = "Vaccinium ovalifolium, Vaccinium, ovalifolium, ovalleaf huckleberry, oval, oval leaf, ericaceae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Vaccinium ovatum evergreen huckleberry" v2[a] = "Vaccinium ovatum, Vaccinium, ovatum, evergreen huckleberry, evergreen, huckleberry, evergreen huckle berry, huckle berry, California huckleberry, ericaceae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Vaccinium vitis-idaea lingonberry" v2[a] = "Ericaceae, Vaccinium vitis-idaea, vaccinium, vitis-idaea, lingonberry, mountain cranberry, cowberry, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Jacaranda mimosifolia jacaranda" v2[a] = "Bignoniaceae, Jacaranda mimosifolia, jacaranda tree, jacaranda, mimosifolia, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Vaccinium pallidum lowbush blueberry" v2[a] = "lowbush blueberry, lowbush, blueberry, low bush blueberry, low bush, low-bush blueberry, low-bush, highbush blueberry, highbush, high bush blueberry, high bush, high-bush blueberry, high-bush, Vaccinium vacillans, Vaccinium, vacillans, ericaceae, pallidum, vaccinium pallidum" a += 1 v1[a] = "Vaccinium parvifolium red huckleberry" v2[a] = "Vaccinium parvifolium, Vaccinium, parvifolium, red huckleberry, red, huckleberry, red huckle berry, huckle berry, ericaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Vaccinium stamineum deerberry" v2[a] = "ericaceae, Vaccinium, Vaccinium stamineum, stamineum, deer berry, deerberry, berry, huckleberry, huckle berry, tall deerberry, squaw huckleberry, southern gooseberry, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Croton alabamensis Alabama croton" v2[a] = "Croton, alabamensis, Croton alabamensis, Alabama, euphorbiaceae," a += 1 v1[a] = "Euphorbiamisera cliff spurge" v2[a] = "Euphorbia misera, misera, euphorbia, cliff spurge, cliff-spurge, Euphorbiaceae," a += 1 v1[a] = "Sapium sebiferum Chinese tallow tree" v2[a] = "Sapium sebiferum, Sapium, sebiferum, Chinese tallow tree, tallowtree, Chinese tallowtree, Chinese, tallow, tree, tallow tree, popocorn tree, popcorn, euphorbiaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acacia berlandieri guajillo" v2[a] = "acacia, Acacia berlandieri, Acacia tephroloba, berlandieri, guajillo, huajillo, Berlandier acacia, fabaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acacia constricta whitethorn acacia" v2[a] = "acacia, Acacia constricta, Acacia, constricta, white thorn, whitethorn acacia, whithe-thorn acacia, mescat acacia, largancillo, Fabaceae, leguminoseae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Acacia farnesiana sweet acacia" v2[a] = "acacia, Acacia farnesiana, farnesiana, popinac, sweet acacia, mimosa, sweet wattle, Acacia acicularis, perfume acacia, leguminosae, mimosoideae, fabaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Amorpha fruticosa desert false indigo" v2[a] = "Amorpha fruticosa, amorpha, fruticosa, desert false indigo, falseindigo, river locust, bastard indigo, Amorpha occidentalis, Fabaceae, pea family, leguminosae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Acacia greggii catclaw acacia" v2[a] = "Acacia, acacia greggii, greggii, catclaw acacia, catclaw, Gregg acacia, Gregg catclaw, cat claw, devils-claw, Texas mimosa, cat's claw acacia, Fabaceae, pea family, leguminosae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Albizia julibrissin mimosa" v2[a] = "mimosa, silk tree, silktree, silk-tree, Albizia julibrissin, Albizia, julibrissin, Fabaceae, leguminosae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Caragana arborescens pea tree" v2[a] = "Caragana arborescens, arborescens, caragana, siberian pea tree, black karagana, Robinia caragana, Caragana sibirica, yellow acacia, Fabaceae, leguminosae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Calliandra eriophylla fairy duster" v2[a] = "Calliandra eriophylla, calliandra, eriophylla, fairy duster, duster, false mesquite, desert fairy duster, mimosaceae, mimosoideae, pea family, fabaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cercidium floridium blue palo verde" v2[a] = "Cercidium, cercidium floridum, Parkinsonia florida, floridum, blue palo verde, paloverde, blue paloverde, verde, palo, Fabaceae, leguminosae, floridium, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cladrastis kentukea yellowwood" v2[a] = "Cladrastis kentukea, Cladrastis, Cladrastis lutea, lutea, kentukea, yellowwood, yellow wood, yellowood, Fabaceae, leguminosae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Cercidium microphyllum yellow palo verde" v2[a] = "Cercidium, cercidium microphyllum, microphyllum, Parkinsonia microphylla, yellow palo verde, yellow paloverde, little-leaf paloverde, foothill paloverde, Fabaceae, leguminosae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Caesalpinia pulcherrima pride-of-Barbados" v2[a] = "Caesalpinia pulcherrima, pulcherrima, caesalpinia, pride-of-Barbados, peacock flower, dwarf ponciana, ponciana, dwarf flamboyan, red bird of paradise, Caesalpiniadeae, Barbados flower-fence, Fabaceae, leguminosae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cytissus scoparius Scotch broom" v2[a] = "Cytissus scoparius, Cytissus, scoparius, Scotch broom, Scotch, broom, Scots broom, scots, Fabaceae, leguminosae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Delonix regia flamboyant tree" v2[a] = "Delonix, regia, Delonix regia, flamboyant tree, delonix, flame tree, poinciana, royal poinciana, peacock flower, Fabaceae, leguminosae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ebenopsis confinis ejaton" v2[a] = "Ebenopsis, ebenopsis confinis, confinis, ejaton, confine, pithecellobium confine, havardia confinis, Havardia, pithecolobium confine, fabaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Erythrina coralloides coral tree" v2[a] = "Erythrina coralloides, corraloides, erythrina, coral tree, coraltree, erythrina corallodendron, naked coral tree, Erythrina corallodendrum, Erythrina inermis, Erythrina spinosa, lent tree, red bean tree, Spanish machete,fabaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ebenopsis ebano Texas ebony" v2[a] = "Ebenopsis, ebenopsis ebano, ebenopsis, ebano, pithecellobium, pithecellobium flexicaule, flexicaule, Texas ebony, ebony, fabaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Eysenhardtia orthocarpa kidneywood" v2[a] = "Eysenhardtia orthocarpa, eysenhardtia, orthocarpa, kidney wood, kidneywood, fabaceae, leguminoseae," a += 1 v1[a] = "Eysenhardtia texana  Texas kidneywood" v2[a] = "Eysenhardtia texana, eysenhardtia, texana, kidney wood, Texas kidneywood, leguminoseae, fabaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Faidherbia albida winter thorn" v2[a] = "Acacia, acacia albida, winter thorn, apple ring acacia, Mimosoideae, Fabaceae, pea family, leguminosae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Lysiloma candida palo blanco" v2[a] = "Fabaceae, leguminoseae, Lysiloma candida, candida, lysiloma, Lysiloma candidum, forrage, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Leucaena retusa littleleaf leadtree" v2[a] = "Malvaceae, Leucaena retusa, leucaena, retusa, littleleaf leadtree, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Laburnum x watereri goldenchain tree" v2[a] = "Laburnum x watereri, Laburnum watereri, Laburnum, watereri, goldenchain, golden chain, goldenchaintree, golden, chain, alpinum, anagyroides, waterer, Fabaceae, leguminosae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Mimosa biuncifera fairy duster" v2[a] = " Mimosa biuncifera, mimosa, mimosa aculeaticarpa, biuncifera, fairy duster, catclaw, catclaw mimosa, wait-a-bit, paired thorn mimosa, Mimosa prolifica, Fabaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Olneya tesota desert ironwood" v2[a] = "olneya, tesota, olneya tesota, desret, desert ironwood, ironwood, iron wood, Fabaceae, leguminosae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Parkinsonia aculeata Mexican palo verde" v2[a] = "Parkinsonia, parkinsonia aculeata, Mexican, mexican paloverde, green palo verde, palo verde, paloverde, Jerusalim thorn, Fabaceae, leguminosae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prosopis glandulosa honey mesquite" v2[a] = "prosopis, prosopis glandulosa, glandulosa, prosopis juliflora, honey mesquite, mesquite, western , western honey mesquite, Fabaceae, leguminosae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prosopis pubescens screwbean mesquite" v2[a] = "prosopis, prosopis pubescens, pubescens, screwbean, screwbean mesquite, mesquite, Fabaceae, leguminosae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prosopis velutina velvet mesquite" v2[a] = "prosopis, Prosopis velutina, velutina, velvet mesquite, mesquite, black mesquite, pea family, fabaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Psorothamnus schottii Schott indigobush" v2[a] = "psorothamnus, psorothamnus schottii, schottii, indigo bush, indigobush, schott indigobush, Schott's dalea, Fabaceae, leguminosae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Psorothamnus spinosa desert smoke tree" v2[a] = "psorothamnus, psorothamnus spinosa, spinosa, desert, desert smoke tree, smoke tree, Fabaceae, leguminosae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pueraria lobata kudzu" v2[a] = "Pueraria lobata, Pueraria, lobata, kudzu, vine, vines, kudzu vine, Fabaceae, leguminosae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Robinia hispida bristly locust" v2[a] = "Robinia hispida, Robinia, hispida, bristly locust, bristly, locust, Fabaceae, leguminosae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Robinia neomexicana New Mexico locust" v2[a] = "Robinia neomexicana, Robinia, neomexicana, New Mexico locust, New Mexico, locust, Fabaceae, leguminosae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Robinia pseudoacacia black locust" v2[a] = "black locust, black, locust, blacklocust, black-locust, white locust, white, whitelocust, white-locust, yellow locust, yellow, yellowlocust, yellow-locust, common locust, Fabaceae, Robinia pseudoacacia, Robinia, pseudoacacia, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Sesbania punicea rattlebox" v2[a] = "sesbania, sesbania punicea, punicea, rattlebox, rattle box, box, sesban, Chinese Wisternia, purple sesban, Brazil rattlebox, black acacia, Fabaceae, leguminosae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Sophora japonica Japanese pagoda tree" v2[a] = "Sophora japonica, sophora, japonica, Japanese pagoda tree, Japanese, pagoda tree, pagoda, scholar-tree, scholar, Fabaceae, leguminosae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Sophora secundiflora mescal bean" v2[a] = "Sophora secundiflora, sophora, secundiflora, mescal, mescal bean, mescalbean, mescalbean sophora, mescal-bean sophora, Texas mountain laurel, frijolollo, frigolito, coralbean, evergreen coralbean, pea family, fabaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Wisteria floribunda Japanese wisteria" v2[a] = "Wisteria floribunda, wisteria, floribunda, Japanese wisteria, Japanese, wisteria, Fabaceae, leguminosae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Castanea dentata American chestnut" v2[a] = "American chestnut, American, chestnut, Castanea dentata, Castanea, dentata, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Castanea mollissima Chinese chestnut" v2[a] = "Chinese chestnut, Chinese, chestnut, Castanea mollissima, Castanea, mollissima, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Castanea pumila Alleghany chinkapin" v2[a] = "Alleghany chinkapin, Alleghany, chinkapin, Alleghany chinquapin, chinquapin, Castanea pumila, Castanea, pumila, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Castanopsis chrysophylla golden chinkapin" v2[a] = "Castanopsis chrysophylla, Castanopsis, chrysophylla, chrysolepis chrysophylla, golden chinkapin, golden, chinkapin, chinquapin, golden chinquapin, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fagus grandifolia American beech" v2[a] = "American beech, American, beech, Fagus grandifolia, Fagus, grandifolia, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fagus sylvatica European beech" v2[a] = "European beech, European, beech, Fagus sylvatica, Fagus, sylvatica, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Lithocarpus densiflorus tanoak" v2[a] = "Lithocarpus densiflorus, Lithocarpus, densiflorus, tanoak, tan oak, tan, oak, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus acutissima sawtooth oak" v2[a] = "sawtooth oak, sawtooth, oak, Quercus acutissima, quercus, Quercus, acutissima, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus arizonica Arizona white oak" v2[a] = "Quercus arizonica, quercus, arizonica, Arizona, Arizona white oak, oak, Arizona oak, white, fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus agrifolia coast live oak" v2[a] = "coast live oak, oak, coast live, coastlive oak, encina, Quercus agrifolia, Quercus, agrifolia, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus alba white oak" v2[a] = "white oak, white, oak, Quercus alba, Quercus, alba, Fagaceae," a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus berberidifolia scrub oak" v2[a] = "Fagaceae, Quercus berberidifolia, berberidifolia, quercus, scrub oak, scruboak," a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus bicolor swamp white oak" v2[a] = "Quercus bicolor, quercus, bicolor, swamp white oak, swamp, white, oak, swamp white, swamp oak, white oak, Fagaceae," a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus chrysolepis canyon live oak" v2[a] = "Quercus chrysolepis, Quercus, chrysolepis, canyon live oak, canyon, live, oak, canyon live, canyon oak, live oak, Fagaceae," a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus coccinea scarlet oak" v2[a] = "scarlet oak, scarlet, oak, spanish oak, spanish, Quercus coccinea, Quercus, coccinea, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus douglasii blue oak" v2[a] = "Quercus douglasii, Quercus, douglasii, blue oak, blue, oak, Fagaceae," a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus emoryi Emory oak" v2[a] = "Quercus emoryi, quercus, emoryi, Emory oak, Emory, oak, blackjack oak, bellota, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus engelmannii Engelmann oak" v2[a] = "Engelmann oak, oak, engelmannii, Quercus engelmannii, quercus, Quercus, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus falcata southern red oak" v2[a] = "southern red oak, southern, red, oak, southern red, red oak, southern oak, spanish oak, spanish, swamp spanish oak, swamp oak, swamp spanish, cherrybark oak, cherrybark, Quercus falcata, Quercus, falcata, Quercus pagodifolia, pagodifolia, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus gambelli Gambel oak" v2[a] = "Quercus gambelli, Quercus, gambelli, Gambel oak, Gambel, oak, Gambel's oak, Gambel's, Gambels oak, Gambels, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus garryana Oregon white oak" v2[a] = "Quercus garryana, Quercus, garryana, Oregon white oak, Oregon, white, oak, Oregon oak, white oak, Oregon white, Gary oak, Gary white oak, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus grisea gray oak" v2[a] = "Quercus grisea, quercus, grisea, gray oak, grayoak, oak, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus hemisphaerica Darlington oak" v2[a] = "Quercus hemisphaerica, Quercus, hemisphaerica, Quercus hemispherica, hemispherica, Darlington oak, darlington, oak, diamondleaf oak, diamond leaf oak, diamondleaf, diamond leaf, laurel oak, laurel, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus hypoleucoides silverleaf oak" v2[a] = "Quercus hypoleucoides, quercus, hypoleucoides, silver leaf, silverleaf oak, oak, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus ilicifolia bear oak" v2[a] = "bear oak, bear, oak, scrub oak, scrub, Quercus ilicifolia, Quercus, ilicifolia, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus imbricaria shingle oak" v2[a] = "shingle oak, shingle, oak, laurel oak, laurel, Quercus imbricaria, Quercus, imbricaria, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus incana bluejack oak" v2[a] = "bluejack oak, blue jack oak, blue-jack oak, bluejack, oak, blue jack, blue-jack, Quercus incana, Quercus, incana, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus kelloggii California black oak" v2[a] = "Quercus kelloggii, Quercus, kelloggii, California black oak, California, black, oak, California black, California oak, black oak, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus laevis turkey oak" v2[a] = "turkey oak, turkey, oak, catesbaei, Quercus laevis, Quercus, laevis, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus laurifolia laurel oak" v2[a] = "laurel oak, laurel, oak, darlington oak, darlington, Quercus laurifolia, Quercus, laurifolia, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus lobata valley oak" v2[a] = "valley oak, oak, valley, California white oak, quercus, lobata, fagaceae, Fagaceae Quercus lobata, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus lyrata overcup oak" v2[a] = "overcup oak, overcup, oak, Quercus lyrata, Quercus, lyrata, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus macrocarpa bur oak" v2[a] = "bur oak, bur, oak, mosseycup oak, mosseycup, Quercus macrocarpa, Quercus, macrocarpa, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus margarettiae sand post oak" v2[a] = "sand post oak, sand post, oak, sand, post, Quercus margarettiae, Quercus, margarettiae, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus marilandica blackjack oak" v2[a] = "blackjack oak, blackjack, oak, black jack oak, black jack, black oak, Quercus marilandica, Quercus, marilandica, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus michauxii swamp chestnut oak" v2[a] = "Quercus michauxii, Quercus, michauxii, swamp chestnut oak, swamp, chestnut, oak, swamp chestnut, swamp oak, chestnut oak, basket oak, basket, cow oak, cow, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus minima running oak" v2[a] = "running oak, oak, dwarf live oak, Quercus minima, Quercus virginiana var. minima, Quercus, minima, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus muehlenbergii chinkapin oak" v2[a] = "Quercus muehlenbergii, Quercus, muehlenbergii, chinkapin oak, chinkapin, oak, chinquapin oak, chinquapin, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus nigra water oak" v2[a] = "water oak, water, oak, possum oak, possum, Quercus nigra, Quercus, nigra, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus pagoda cherrybark oak" v2[a] = "Quercus pagoda, pagoda, Quercus falcata var. pagodifolia, Quercus falcata var pagodifolia, Quercus, falcata, pagodifolia, var. pagodifolia, var pagodifolia, Quercus falcata, Quercus pagodifolia, cherrybark oak, cherry bark oak, cherry bark, oak, cherrybark, southern red oak, red oak, swamp oak, swamp spanish oak, spanish oak, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus oblongifolia Mexican blue oak" v2[a] = "Quercus oblongifolia, quercus, oblongifolia, Mexican blue oak, blue oak, white oak, fabaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus palustris pin oak" v2[a] = "pin oak, pin, oak, swamp oak, swamp, Quercus palustris, Quercus, palustris, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus phellos willow oak" v2[a] = "willow oak, pin oak, pin, willow, oak, Quercus phellos, Quercus, phellos, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus prinus chestnut oak" v2[a] = "chestnut oak, chestnut, oak, basket oak, basket, rock oak, rock, montana oak, montana, Quercus prinus, Quercus, prinus, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus robur English oak" v2[a] = "English oak, oak, English, pedunculate, pedunculate oak, truffle oak, common oak, Quercus robur, Quercus, robur, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus rubra northern red oak" v2[a] = "northern red oak, northern red, northern, red, oak, red oak, northern oak, borealis oak, borealis, Quercus rubra, Quercus, rubra, Quercus borealis, borealis, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus rugosa netleaf oak" v2[a] = "Quercus rugosa, quercus, rugosa, net leaf oak, netleaf oak, oak, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus shumardii Shumard oak" v2[a] = "Shumard oak, Shumard, oak, Quercus shumardii, Quercus, shumardii, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus sinuata Durand white oak" v2[a] = "Quercus sinuata, quercus, sinuata, Durand white oak, bastrad oak, oak, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus stellata post oak" v2[a] = "post oak, post, oak, Quercus stellata, Quercus, stellata, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus suber cork oak" v2[a] = "cork oak, oak, cork, Quercus suber, Quercus, suber, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus texana Nuttall oak" v2[a] = "Nuttall oak, oak, Nuttal's oak, Quercus nuttallii, Quercus texana, Quercus, texana, nuttallii, Texas red oak, Quercus shumardii var. texana, quercus, Quercus texana var. nuttallii, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus tomentella island live oak" v2[a] = "Island live oak, oak, island live, Quercus tomentella, Quercus, tomentella, island oak, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus turbinella shrub live oak" v2[a] = "Quercus turbinella, quercus, turbinella, shrub live oak, oak, Sonoran scrub oak, shrublive, turbinella oak, Tucker's oak, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus velutina black oak" v2[a] = "black oak, black, oak, Quercus velutina, Quercus, velutina, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus virginiana live oak" v2[a] = "live oak, live, oak, Quercus virginiana, Quercus, virginiana, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quercus wislizenii interior live oak" v2[a] = "Interior live oak, oak, interior live, dwarf interior live oak, , Quercus, Quercus wislizenii, scrub interior live oak, Sierra live oak, highland live oak, Fagaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fouquieria columnaris boojum tree" v2[a] = " Fouquieriaceae, fouquieria columnaris, columnaris, boojum tree, fouquieria, boojum, cirio, ocotillo family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fouquieria splendens ocotillo" v2[a] = " Fouquieriaceae, fouquieria splendens, splendens, candlewood, coachwhip cactus, ocotillo family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Garrya eliptica wavyleaf silktassel" v2[a] = " Garryaceae, garrya, elliptica, Garrya eliptica, wavyleaf, wavy leaf, silk tassel, silktassel, wavyleaf silktassel, wavyleaf silk tassel, wavy-leaf silk tassel, coast silk-tassel, silk tassel bush, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Garrya wrightii Wright silktassel" v2[a] = " Garryaceae, garrya, wrightii, Garrya wrightii, silk tassel, silktassel, Wright silktassel, Wright, coffeeberry - bush, coffee berry, feverbush, quinine - bush, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Itea virginica sweetspire" v2[a] = "Itea virginica, Itea, virginica, sweetspire, sweet spire, sweet, spire, Virginia sweetspire, Virginia sweet spire, Grossulariaceae, Currant family, gooseberry family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Ribes acerifolium mapleleaf currant" v2[a] = "Grossulariacea, Grossulariaceae Ribes acerifolium, ribes, acerifolium, Ribes acerifolium, maple currant, mapled-leaved viburnum, viburnum, currant, mapleleaf currant, gooseberry family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ribes americanum American black currant" v2[a] = "Ribes americanum, Ribes, americanum, black currant, American black currant, wild black currant, eastern black currant, Grossulariaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ribes aureum golden currant" v2[a] = "Ribes aureum, Ribes, aureum, golden currant, Ribes odoratum, odoratum, buffalo currant, Grossulariaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ribes sanguineum red-flowering currant" v2[a] = "Ribes sanguineum, Ribes, sanguineum, red-flowering currant, currant, red-flowering, red flower currant, red flowering currant, red flowering, red, flowering, Grossulariaceae, currant family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ribes viburnifolium evergreen currant" v2[a] = "Ribes viburnifolium, ribes, viburnifolium, evergreen currant, Grossulariaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Corylopsis pauciflora buttercup winter hazel" v2[a] = "Corylopsis, pauciflora, Corylopsis pauciflora, buttercup, buttercup winter hazel, winter hazel, hazel, buttercup winterhazel, winterhazel, Hamamelidaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fothergilla gardenii dwarf fothergilla" v2[a] = " Hamamelidaceae, fothergilla, gardenii, fothergilla gardenii, dwarf Fothergilla, dwarf witchalder, witch hazel family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Hamamelis vernalis vernal witchhazel" v2[a] = " vernal, vernal witchhazel, hamamelis, vernalis, Ozark witchhazel, hamamelis vernalis, witch hazel family, Hamamelidaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Hamamelis virginiana common witch-hazel" v2[a] = "common witch-hazel, witch-hazel, common witch hazel, witch hazel, witch, hazel, Hamamelis virginiana, Hamamelis, virginiana, Hamamelidaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Liquidambar styraciflua sweetgum" v2[a] = "sweetgum, sweet gum, sweet, gum, sweet-gum, Liquidambar styraciflua, Liquidambar, styraciflua, Hamamelidaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Parrottia persica Persian ironwood" v2[a] = "parrotia, persica, parrotia persica, ironwood, Persian, persian parrotia, persian ironwood, persian Ironwood, witch hazel family, Hamamelidaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Aesculus californica California buckeye" v2[a] = "Aesculus californica, Aesculus, californica, California buckeye, California, buckeye, hippocastanaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Aesculus glabra Ohio buckeye" v2[a] = "Aesculus glabra, Aesculus, glabra, Ohio buckeye, Ohio, buckeye, fetid buckeye, fetid, hippocastanaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Aesculus hippocastanum horsechestnut" v2[a] = "Aesculus hippocastanum, Aesculus, hippocastanum, horsechestnut, horse, chestnut hippocastanaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Aesculus octandra yellow buckeye" v2[a] = "yellow buckeye, yellow, buckeye, sweet buckeye, sweet, flava buckeye, flava, Aesculus octandra, Aesculus, octandra, Aesculus flavia, Hippocastanaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Aesculus parviflora bottlebrush buckeye" v2[a] = "Aesculus parviflora, Aesculus, parviflora, bottlebrush buckeye, bottlebrush, buckeye, bottle brush buckeye, bottle brush, hippocastanaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Aesculus pavia red buckeye" v2[a] = "red buckeye, red, buckeye, Aesculus pavia, Aesculus, pavia, Hippocastanaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Aesculus sylvatica painted buckeye" v2[a] = "painted buckeye, painted, buckeye, Aesculus sylvatica, Aesculus, sylvatica, Hippocastanaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Decumaria barbara climbing hydrangea" v2[a] = "Decumaria, decumaria barbara, barbara, climbing, climbing hydragea, Hydrangea, wild hydrangeavine, hydrangea vine, wood vamp, woodvamp, hydrangeaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Deutzia scabra fuzzy deutzia" v2[a] = "Deutzia scabra, deutzia, scabra, fuzzy deutzia, fuzzy pride of Rochester, saxifragaceae, hydrangaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Hydrangea anomala climbing hydrangea" v2[a] = "Hydrangea anomala, Hydrangea, anomala, climbing hydrangea, climbing, saxifragaceae, hyndrangea anomala petiolaris, petiolaris, hydrangea, hydrangeaceae, hydrangaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Hydrangea arborescens wild hydrangea" v2[a] = "Hydrangea arborescens, hydrangea, arborescens, wild hydrangea, wild, hydrangeaceae, hydrangaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Hydrangea macrophylla bigleaf hydrangea" v2[a] = "hydrangaceae, Hydrangea macrophylla, Hydrangea, macrophylla, French hydrangea, bigleaf hydrangea, big leaf hydrangea, bigleaf, big leaf, hydrangeaceae, saxifragaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Hydrangea paniculata panicle hydrangea" v2[a] = "hydrangaceae, Hydrangea paniculata, Hydrangea, paniculata, panicle hydrangea, panicle, pee gee hydrangea, pee gee, peegee, hydrangeaceae, saxifragaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Hydrangea quercifolia oakleaf hydrangea" v2[a] = "hydrangaceae, Hydrangea quercifolia, Hydrangea, quercifolia, oakleaf hydrangea, oakleaf, oak leaf hydrangea, oak leaf, hydrangeaceae, saxifragaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Philadelphus coronarius mock-orange" v2[a] = "hydrangaceae, Philadelphus coronarius, Philadelphus, coronarius, mock-orange, mock orange, mockorange, mock, orange, sweet mock orange, gardensweet, gardensweet mock-orange, garden sweet, hydrangeaceae, saxifragaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Philadelphus lewisii mockorange" v2[a] = "hydrangaceae, Philadelphus lewisii, Philadelphus, lewisii, mock-orange, mock orange, mockorange, mock, orange, gardensweet,Lewis' mock orange, gardensweet mock-orange, garden sweet, hydrangeaceae, saxifragaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Carya aquatica water hickory" v2[a] = "water hickory, water, hickory, Carya aquatica, Carya, aquatica, juglandaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Carya cordiformis bitternut hickory" v2[a] = "bitternut hickory, bitternut, hickory, bitter nut hickory, bitter nut, bitter-nut hickory, bitter-nut, Carya cordiformis, Carya, cordiformis, juglandaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Carya glabra pignut hickory" v2[a] = "pignut hickory, pignut, hickory, sweet hickory, sweet, oval hickory, oval, Carya glabra, Carya, glabra, Carya ovalis, ovalis, juglandaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Carya illinoensis pecan" v2[a] = "Carya illinoensis, Carya, illinoensis, pecan, juglandaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Carya laciniosa shellbark hickory" v2[a] = "Carya laciniosa, Carya, laciniosa, shellbark hickory, shellbark, hickory, shell bark hickory, shell, bark, bigleaf shagbark, big leaf shag bark, bigleaf shag bark, big leaf shagbark, big leaf, bigleaf, kingnut hickory, king nut hickory, king nut, kingnut, juglandaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Carya ovata shagbark hickory" v2[a] = "shagbark hickory, shagbark, hickory, shag bark hickory, shag bark, Carya ovata, Carya, ovata, juglandaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Carya pallida sand hickory" v2[a] = "sand hickory, sand, hickory, Carya pallida, Carya, pallida, juglandaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Carya tomentosa mockernut hickory" v2[a] = "mockernut hickory, mockernut, hickory, mocker nut hickory, mocker nut, white hickory, white, Carya tomentosa, Carya, tomentosa, juglandaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juglans californica California black walnut" v2[a] = "California, black walnut, California balck walnut, walnut, Juglans, California walnut, southern California walnut, southern California black walnut, californica, juglandaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juglans cinerea butternut" v2[a] = "butternut, butter nut, white walnut, white, walnut, Juglans cinerea, Juglans, cinerea, juglandaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juglans hindsii Hind's black walnut" v2[a] = "Hind, Hind's, Hind's black walnut, walnut, California black walnut, Juglans, juglandaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juglans major Arizona walnut" v2[a] = "Arizona, Arizona walnut, Arizona black walnut, Juglans major, Juglans rupestris, juglans, major, walnut, Juglandaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juglans microcarpa little walnut" v2[a] = "Little walnut, Juglans microcarpa, Juglans rupestris, rupestris, microcarpa, Juglans nana, Texas walnut, dwarf walnut, Mexican walnut, nogal, nogalito, river walnut, walnut, Juglandaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juglans nigra black walnut" v2[a] = "black walnut, black, walnut, eastern black walnut, eastern walnut, eastern, Juglans nigra, Juglans, nigra, juglandaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Krameria grayi white ratany" v2[a] = "Krameria grayi, krameria, grayi, white ratany, ratany, rhatany, chacate, Gray's Krameria, Gray's ratany, Krameriaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Hyptis emoryi desert lavender" v2[a] = "Lamiaceae, Hyptis emoryi, hyptis, emoryi, desert lavander, lavander, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Poliomintha incana rosemary mint" v2[a] = "Lamiaceae, Poliomintha incana, incana, poliomintha, desert rosemary mint, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Salvia apiana white sage" v2[a] = "Lamiaceae, sage, white sage, Salvia apiana, apiana, salvia, mint family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Salvia clevelandii fragrant sage" v2[a] = "Lamiaceae, Salvia clevelandii, salvia, clevelandii, Cleveland sage, blue sage, chaparral sage, alpine musk sage, mint family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Salvia leucophylla purple sage" v2[a] = "Lamiaceae, Salvia leucophylla, salvia, leucophylla, purple sage, sage, mint family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Salviamellifera black sage" v2[a] = "Lamiaceae, Salvia mellifera, salvia, mellifera, black sage, sage, common sage, Labiatae, mint family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Lindera benzoin common spicebush" v2[a] = "common spicebush, spicebush, common spice bush, spice bush, spice, Lindera benzoin, Lindera, benzoin, Lauraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Persea borbonia redbay" v2[a] = "Persea borbonia, Persea, borbonia, redbay, red bay, lauraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Sassafras albidum common sassafras" v2[a] = "common sassafras, sassafras, Lindera benzoin, Lindera, benzoin, Lauraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Umbellularia californica California laurel" v2[a] = "Umbellularia californica, Umbellularia, californica, California laurel, California, laurel, pepperwood, pepper wood, pepper, wood, Pacific myrtle, Pacific, myrtle, Oregon-myrtle, Oregon myrtle, Oregon, Lauraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Leitneria floridana corkwood" v2[a] = "corkwood, cork wood, leitneria, floridana, leitneria floridana, leitneriaceae , " a += 1 v1[a] = "Dasylirion leiophyllum sotol" v2[a] = "Liliaceae, Dasylirion, dasylirion leiophyllum, sotol, agavaceae," a += 1 v1[a] = "Smilax glauca catbriar" v2[a] = "catbriar, greenbrier, common catbriar, Smilax, liliaceae, glauca, green brier, cat greenbrier," a += 1 v1[a] = "Smilax herbacea Carrion-flower" v2[a] = "Carrion, Carrion-flower, carrion flower, smooth Carrion flower, Smilax, smilax herbacea, herbaea, liliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Smilax hispida bristly greenbrier" v2[a] = "bristly, greenbrier, green brier, bristly greebrier, catbrier, cat brier, Smilaceae, Smilax tamnoides, tamnoides, Smilax, smilax hispida, hispida, liliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Smilax laurifolia laurel greenbrier" v2[a] = "common greenbrier, greenbrier, common green brier, green brier, Smilax laurifolia, Smilax, laurifolia, liliaceae, laurel, laurel greenbrier, laurel green brier, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Smilax rotundifolia common greenbrier" v2[a] = "common greenbrier, greenbrier, common green brier, green brier, roundleaf greenbrier, Smilax rotundifolia, Smilax, rotundifolia, liliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Buddleia davidii butterfly bush" v2[a] = "Buddleia davidii, Buddleia, davidii, butterfly bush, butterfly-bush, butterfly, summer lilac, summer, lilac, loganiaceae, logania family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Gelsemium sempervirens false jessamine" v2[a] = "false jessamine, jessamine, false, false-jessamine, carolina yellow jessamine, carolina, yellow, carolina jessamine, yellow jessamine, Gelsemium sempervirens, Gelsemium, sempervirens, jasmine, evening trumpetflower, loganiaceae, logania family," a += 1 v1[a] = "Lagerstroemia indica crapemyrtle" v2[a] = "lagerstroemia indica, lagerstroemia, indica, crapemyrtle, crape myrtle, crape, crepemyrtle, crepe myrtle, crepe, lythraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Liriodendron tulipifera yellow-poplar" v2[a] = "yellow-poplar, yellow poplar, yellow, poplar, tulip-poplar, tulip poplar, tuliptree magnolia, tulip tree magnolia, tuliptree, tulip tree, whitewood, white wood, Liriodendron tulipifera, Liriodendron, tulipifera, Magnoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Magnolia acuminata cucumbertree" v2[a] = "cucumbertree, cucumber tree, cucumber, Magnolia acuminata, Magnolia, acuminata, Magnoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Magnolia fraseri Fraser magnolia" v2[a] = "Magnolia fraseri, Magnolia, fraseri, Magnolia fraserii, fraserii, Fraser magnolia, Fraser, mountain magnolia, magnolia, Magnoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Magnolia grandiflora southern magnolia" v2[a] = "southern magnolia, southern, magnolia, evergreen magnolia, evergreen, bull bay magnolia, bull bay, bullbay magnolia, bullbay, Magnolia grandiflora, Magnolia, grandiflora, Magnoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Magnolia kobus var. stellata star magnolia" v2[a] = "star magnolia, star, magnolia, Magnolia kobus var. stellata, Magnolia, kobus var. stellata, Magnolia kobus, magnolia stellata, magnolia kobus variety stellata, kobus, stellata, Magnoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Magnolia macrophylla bigleaf magnolia" v2[a] = "bigleaf magnolia, bigleaf, magnolia, big leaf magnolia, big leaf, Magnolia macrophylla, Magnolia, macrophylla, Magnoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Magnolia tripetala umbrella magnolia" v2[a] = "Magnolia tripetala, Magnolia, tripetala, umbrella magnolia, umbrella, Magnoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Magnolia virginiana sweetbay magnolia" v2[a] = "Magnolia virginiana, Magnolia, virginiana, sweetbay magnolia, sweetbay, sweet bay magnolia, sweet bay, swamp magnolia, laurel magnolia, swamp, laurel, Magnoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Magnolia x soulangiana saucer magnolia" v2[a] = "Magnolia x soulangiana, Magnolia, x soulangiana, soulangiana, Magnolia soulangiana, saucer magnolia, saucer, magnolia, Magnoliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Abutilon palmeri Palmer's Indian mallow" v2[a] = "Malvaceae, Abutilon palmeri, abutilon, palmeri, Palmer's maoolw, Indian mallow, mallow, tree mallow," a += 1 v1[a] = "Hibiscus syriacus Rose-of-Sharon" v2[a] = "Hibiscus syriacus, Hibiscus, syriacus, Rose-of-Sharon, Rose of Sharon, rose, sharon, shrub althea, althea, malvaceae" a += 1 v1[a] = "Lavatera assurgentiflora island mallow" v2[a] = "Malvaceae, Lavatera assurgentiflora, lavatera, assurgentiflora, island mallow, mallow, tree mallow," a += 1 v1[a] = "Lagunaria patersonii Norfolk Island hibiscus" v2[a] = "Malvaceae, lagunaria, lagunaria patersonii, patersonii, cow itch tree, primrose tree," a += 1 v1[a] = "Sphaeralacea ambigua desert globemallow" v2[a] = "Malvaceae, desert globemallow, globe mallow, mallow, apricot mallow, desert mallow," a += 1 v1[a] = "Melia azederach Chinaberry" v2[a] = "melia azederach, melia, azederach, chinaberry, china berry, china, berry, pride of india, meliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Swietenia mahogani West Indies mahogany" v2[a] = "Swietenia mahogani, Swietenia, mahogani, West Indies mahogany, West Indies, mahogany, meliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Broussonetia papyrifera paper mulberry" v2[a] = "paper mulberry, paper, mulberry,tapa-cloth tree, tapa cloth tree, tapa-cloth, tapa cloth, tapa, cloth tree, cloth, Broussonetia papyrifera, Broussonetia, papyrifera, Moraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ficus aurea strangler fig" v2[a] = "strangler fig, strangler-fig, strangler, fig, Ficus aurea, ficus, aurea, Florida strangler fig, Moraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ficus carica common fig" v2[a] = " Moraceae, Ficus carica, ficus, carica, common, fig, fig tree, fig, Black Mission fig, Adriatic fig, sycamore fig, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ficus macrophylla Morton Bay fig" v2[a] = "Ficus macrophylla, ficus, macrophylla, Morton Bay fig, fig, Australian banyan, Moraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Maclura pomifera osage-orange" v2[a] = "osage-orange, osage orange, osage, orange, hedge-apple, hedge apple, hedge, apple, bois d'arc, bowdock, bodock, bodarc, Maclura pomifera, Maclura, pomifera, Moraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Morus alba white mulberry" v2[a] = "Morus, alba, morus alba, white mulberry, Russian mulberry, silkworm mulberry, silkworm, silk worm, silk, mulberry, moraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Morus microphylla Texas mulberry" v2[a] = " Morus microphylla, morus, microphylla, Texax mulberry, mulberry, mountain mulberry, Mexican mulberry, dwarf mulberry, littleleaf mulberry, wild mulberry, Moraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Morus rubra red mulberry" v2[a] = "red mulberry, red, mulberry, Morus rubra, Morus, rubra, Moraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Myrica californica Pacific waxmyrtle" v2[a] = "Pacific waxmyrtle, Pacific, wax myrtle, wax, myrtle, wax-myrtle, Pacific bayberry, bayberry, Pacific bay berry, bay berry, Myrica californica, Myrica, californica, Myricaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Myrica cerifera waxmyrtle" v2[a] = "waxmyrtle, wax myrtle, wax, myrtle, wax-myrtle, southern bayberry, bayberry, southern bay berry, bay berry, Myrica cerifera, Myrica, cerifera, Myricaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Myrica gale sweetgale" v2[a] = "sweetgale, sweet gale, sweet, gale, Myrica gale, Myrica, gale, Myricaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Callistemon spp. bottlebrush tree" v2[a] = "Callistemon, spp., Callistemon spp., bottlebrush, bottle brush, Myrtaceae, Myrtle family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Eucalyptus caesia gungurru" v2[a] = "Eucalyptus casia, eucalyptus, caesia, gum, gumtree, Eucalyptus manga, gungurru, Myrtaceae, Myrtle family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Eucalyptus camaldulensis river red gum" v2[a] = "Eucalyptus camaldulensis, eucalyptus, camaldulensis, river red gum, gum, Eucalyptus rostrata, Myrtaceae, Myrtle family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Eucalyptus cladocalyx sugar gum" v2[a] = "Eucalyptus, eucalyptus cladocalyx, cladicalyx, sugar gum, sugargum, sugargum eucalyptus, Myrtaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Eucalyptus cordata silver gum" v2[a] = "Eucalyptus, eucalyptus cordata, cordata, silvergum, silver gum, gum, Myrtaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Eucalyptus globulus blue gum" v2[a] = "Eucalyptus globulus, eucalyptus, globulus, blue gum, gum, bluegum, Myrtaceae, Myrtle family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Eucalyptus polyanthemos silver dollar gum" v2[a] = "Eucalyptus polyanthemos, polyanthemos, eucalyptus, silver dollar gum, gum, silverdollar gum, Myrtaceae, Myrtle family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Eucalyptus sideroxylon red ironbark" v2[a] = "Eucalyptus syderoxylon, syderoxylon, eucalyptus, red ironbark, gum, redironbark, red-ironbark, iron bark, pink iron bark, Myrtaceae, Myrtle family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Eucalyptus torelliana cadagi" v2[a] = "Eucalyptus torelliana, eucalyptus, torelliana, gumtree, gum, cadagi, Myrtaceae, Myrtle family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Eucalyptus woodwardii lemon flowered gum" v2[a] = "Eucalyptus, eucalyptus woodwardii, woodwardii, lemon flowered gum, lemon-flowered, lemon-flowering gum, Myrtaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Myrtus communis myrtle" v2[a] = "Myrtaceae, myrtle, Myrtus communis, communis, true myrtle, twisted myrtle, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Melaleuca lineariifolia flaxleaf paperbark" v2[a] = "Myrtaceae, Melaleuca lineariifolia, lineariifolia, melaleuca, linearifolia, flaxleaf paperbark, snow in summer, narrow-leaved paperbark, bottlebrush, cajeput tree, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Nyssa aquatica water tupelo" v2[a] = "Nyssa aquatica, Nyssa, aquatica, water tupelo, water, tupelo, sour gum family, Nyssaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Nyssa biflora swamp tupelo" v2[a] = "Nyssa biflora, Nyssa, biflora, swamp tupelo, swamp, tupelo, Nyssa sylvatica var. biflora, Nyssa sylvatica var biflora, var. biflora, var biflora, sour gum family, Nyssaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Nyssa sylvatica blackgum" v2[a] = "blackgum, black gum, black, gum, black-gum, black tupelo, tupelo, sourgum, sour gum, sour, pepperidge, Nyssa sylvatica, Nyssa, sylvatica, Nyssaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Chionanthus virginicus fringetree" v2[a] = "fringetree, fringe tree, fringe-tree, white fringetree, white fringe tree, white fringe-tree, white, old man's beard, old mans beard, grancy, gray-beard, gray beard, graybeard, Chionanthus virginicus, Chionanthus, virginicus, Oleaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Forestiera pubescens desert olive" v2[a] = "Oleaceae, Forestiera pubescens, forestiera, pubescens, desert olive, desert-olive, olive, adelia, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Forsythia spp. forsythia" v2[a] = "forsythia, Forsythia spp., Forsythia spp, Oleaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fraxinus americana white ash" v2[a] = "white ash, white, ash, white-ash, Fraxinus americana, Fraxinus, americana, Oleaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fraxinus angustifolia narrowleaf ash" v2[a] = "Oleaceae, fraxinus, fraxinus angustifolia, angustifolia, oxycarpa, narrowleaf ash, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fraxinus caroliniana Carolina ash" v2[a] = "Fraxinus caroliniana, Fraxinus, caroliniana, Carolina ash, Carolina, ash, Oleaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fraxinus dipetala two-petal ash" v2[a] = "Oleaceae, fraxinus, fraxinus dipetala, dipetala, two petal, two petal ash, two-petal ash, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fraxinus gooddingii Gooding ash" v2[a] = "Oleaceae, fraxinus, fraxinus gooddingii, gooddingii, Gooding, gooding ash, ash, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fraxinus latifolia Oregon ash" v2[a] = "Fraxinus latifolia, Fraxinus, latifolia, Oregon ash, Oregon, ash, Oleaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fraxinus nigra black ash" v2[a] = "black ash, black, ash, black-ash, Fraxinus nigra, Fraxinus, nigra, Oleaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fraxinus pennsylvanica green ash" v2[a] = "green ash, green, ash, green-ash, Fraxinus pennsylvanica, Fraxinus, pennsylvanica, Oleaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fraxinus profunda pumpkin ash" v2[a] = "pumpkin ash, pumpkin, ash, Fraxinus profunda, Fraxinus, profunda, Oleaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fraxinus quadrangulata blue ash" v2[a] = "blue ash, blue, ash, Oleaceae Fraxinus quadrangulata, Oleaceae, Fraxinus, quadrangulata, Fraxinus quadrangulata, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fraxinus velutina Arizona ash" v2[a] = "Arizona, Arizona ash, ash, fraxinus, velvet ash, fraxinus velutina, velutina, Oleaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ligustrum japonicum japanese privet" v2[a] = "Oleaceae, ligustrum, ligustrum japonicum, japonicum, Japanese, Japanese privet, privet, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ligustrum sinense privet" v2[a] = "common privet, privet, common privet, european privet, ligustrum, ligustrum spp, Ligustrum sinense, Ligustrum, sinense, Oleaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Osmanthus americanus devilwood" v2[a] = "Osmanthus, americanus, Osmanthus americanus, devil wood, devilwood, wild olive, Oleaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Olea europaea olive" v2[a] = "Oleaceae, Olea europaea, olea, europaea, olive, commun olive, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Syringa reticulata Japanese tree lilac" v2[a] = "Syringa reticulata, Syringa, reticulata, Japanese tree lilac, Japanese, tree lilac, lilac, Syringa amurensis var. japonica, Syringa amurensis var japonica, Syringa amurensis, amurensis, var japonica, var. japonica, Oleaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Syringa villosa late lilac" v2[a] = "Syringa, villosa, syringa villosa, villous lilac, downy lilac, late lilac, lilac, villous lilac, Oleaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Syringa vulgaris common lilac" v2[a] = "Syringa vulgaris, Syringa, vulgaris, common lilac, lilac, common, Oleaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Dendromecon rigida tree poppy" v2[a] = "papaveraceae, dendromecon rigida, bush poppy, poppy, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Platanus occidentalis American sycamore" v2[a] = "American sycamore, sycamore, planetree, plane tree, buttonwood, button wood, buttonball tree, button ball tree, button ball, Platanus occidentalis, Platanus, occidentalis, Platanaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Platanus racemosa California sycamore" v2[a] = "platanus, platanus racemosa, racemosa, cali, california, cali sycamore, california sycamore, sycamore, Platanaceae Platanus racemosa, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Platanus wrightii Arizona sycamore" v2[a] = "Platanus wrightii, platanus, wrightii, Arizona sycamore, Platanaceae , " a += 1 v1[a] = "Platanus x acerifolia London plane tree" v2[a] = "Platanus x acerifolia, Platanus acerifolia, Platanus, acerifolia, London plane tree, london, plane, plane tree, planetree, London planetree, platanus orientalis, orientalis, platanaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Coccoloba uvifera seagrape" v2[a] = "Coccoloba uvifera, Coccoloba, uvifera, seagrape, sea, grape, sea-grape, sea grape, polygonaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Eriogonum cinereum coastal buckwheat" v2[a] = "Eriogonum cinereum, eriogonum, cinereum, coastal buckwheat, buck-wheat, buckwheat, ashyleaf buckwheat, Polygonaceae," a += 1 v1[a] = "Eriogonum fasciculatum flat-top buckwheat" v2[a] = "Eriogonum fasciculatum, eriogonum, fasciculatum, flat top buckwheat, flat-top, flat-top buckwheat, buckwheat, wild buckwheat, California buckwheat, margarita fog, Polygonaceae," a += 1 v1[a] = "Chimaphila maculata striped pipsissewa" v2[a] = "Striped pipsissewa, Striped, pipsissewa, Pyrolaceae, Chimaphila maculata, Chimaphila, maculata, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Chimaphilla umbelata prince's pine" v2[a] = "Pyrolaceae, buckwheat family, chimaphyla, Chimaphila umbellata, umbellata, pipsissewa, prince's pine, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Clematis vitalba old man's beard" v2[a] = "Ranunculaceae, Clematis vitalba, clematis, vitalba, old man's beard, evergreen vitalba, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Berchemia scandens supplejack" v2[a] = "supplejack, supple jack, supple, jack, supple-jack, Alabama supplejack, Berchemia scandens, Berchemia, scandens, Rhamnaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ceanothus americanus New Jersey tea" v2[a] = "New Jersey tea, new jersey, tea, redroot, red root, red-root, Ceanothus americanus, Ceanothus, americanus, Rhamnaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ceanothus cuneatus narrowleaf buckbrush" v2[a] = "Rhamnaceae Ceanothus cuneatus, Ceanothus cuneatus, Rhamnaceae, integerrimus, narrowleaf buckbrush, narrowleaf, buckbrush, narrowleaf buck brush, narrow, leaf, buck, brush, narrowleaf buck brush, narrow leaf buckbrush, ceanothus, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ceanothus greggii desert ceanothus" v2[a] = "Rhamnaceae Ceanothus greggii, ceanothus, Ceanothus greggii, greggii, desert, desert ceanothus, cupleaf ceanothus, Mojave, Mojave buckbrush, buckbrush, buck brush, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ceanothus integerrimus deerbrush" v2[a] = "Rhamnaceae Ceanothus integerrimus, Ceanothus integerrimus, Rhamnaceae, integerrimus, deerbrush, ceanothus, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ceanothus prostratus mahala mat" v2[a] = "Mahala mat, Mahala, Rhamnaceae Ceanothus prostratus, squawcarpet, squaw carpet, squaw, carpet, mat, Rhamnaceae, Ceanothus, Ceanothus prostratus, prostratus, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ceanothus sanguineus redstem ceanothus" v2[a] = "Ceanothus sanguineus, Ceanothus, sanguineus, buckbrush, buck brush, red stem ceanothus, redstem ceanothus, redstem, red stem, Rhamnaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ceanothus spinosus greenbark ceanothus" v2[a] = "Rhamnaceae, Ceanothus spinosus, spinosus, ceanothus, greenbark ceanothus, green bark, red heart, California lilac, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ceanothus thyrsiflorus blueblossom" v2[a] = "Ceanothus thyrsiflorus, Ceanothus, thyrsiflorus, blueblossom, blue blossom, blue, blossom, Rhamnaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ceanothus velutinus snowbrush" v2[a] = "Ceanothus velutinus, Ceanothus, velutinus, snowbrush, snow brush, snow, brush, Rhamnaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Condalia globosa bitter condalia" v2[a] = "Condalia globosa, condalia, globosa, bitter condalia, bitter snakewood, Rhamnaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Frangula alnusi glossy buckthorn" v2[a] = "Frangula alnus, alnus, frangula, Rhamnus frangula, Rhamnaceae, buckthorn, glossy buckthorn, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhamnus californica California buckthorn" v2[a] = "Rhamnaceae, Rhamnus, californica, Rhamnus californica, California, buckthorn, California buckthorn, coffeeberry, Frangula californica, California coffeeberry, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhamnus caroliniana Carolina buckthorn" v2[a] = "Rhamnaceae, rhamnus, Rhamnus caroliniana, Rhamnaceae Rhamnus caroliniana, Carolina, Carolina buckthorn, Frangula caroliniana, buckthorn, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhamnus catharctica common buckthorn" v2[a] = "Rhamnaceae, Rhamnus, Rhamnus catharctica, catharctica, common buckthorn, buckthorn, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhamnus crocera redberry" v2[a] = "Rhamnaceae, Rhamnus crocea, crocea, rhamnus, rhamnus crocea, redberry, red berry, spiny redberry, buckthorn family, hollyleaf buckthorn, holly leaf buckthorn, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhamnus purshiana Cascara buckthorn" v2[a] = "Rhamnus purshiana, Rhamnus, purshiana, Cascara buckthorn, Cascara buck thorn, Cascara, buckthorn, buck thorn, buck, thorn, chittam buckthorn, chittam buck thorn, chittam, Frangula purshianam, Rhamnaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ziziphus obtusifolia lotebush" v2[a] = "Ziziphus obtusifolia, ziziphus, obtusifolia, graythorn, whitethorn, chapparal, Texas buckthorn, lote, lotebush, lotebrush, Rhamnaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rhizophora mangle red mangrove" v2[a] = "Rhizophora mangle, Rhizophora, mangle, red mangrove, red, mangrove, American mangrove, Rhizophoraceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Adenostoma sparsifolium redshank" v2[a] = "Adenostoma, adenostoma sparsifolium, sparsifolium, redshank, red shank, ribbon bush, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Amelanchier alnifolia Pacific serviceberry" v2[a] = "western, serviceberry, pacific serviceberry, western serviceberry, pacific serviceberry, saskatoon serviceberry, saskatoon, Amelanchier alnifolia, Amelanchier, alnifolia, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Amelanchier arborea downy serviceberry" v2[a] = "downy serviceberry, downy, serviceberry, common serviceberry, shadbush, shad bush, shadblow, juneberry, june berry, sarvis-tree, sarvis tree, Amelanchier arborea, Amelanchier, arborea, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Amelanchier utahensis Utah serviceberry" v2[a] = "Rosaceae, amelanchier, utahensis, Amelanchier utahensis, Utah serviceberry, service berry, serviceberry, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Aronia arbutifolia chokeberry" v2[a] = "chokeberry, choke berry, choke-berry, pear, aronia arbutifolia, aronia, arbutifolia, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Aronia melanocarpa black chokeberry" v2[a] = "Aronia, aronia, aronia melanocarpa, melanocarpa, Photinia melanocarpa, chokeberry, choke berry, choke-berry, balck chokeberry, black choke berry, balck choke-berry, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cercocarpus betuloides birchleaf mountain-mahogany" v2[a] = "Cercocarpus betuloides, Cercocarpus, betuloides, birchleaf mountain-mahogany, birchleaf, birch leaf, birch leaf mountain mahogany, birchleaf mountain mahogany, mountain-mahogany, mountain mahogany, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cercocarpus ledifolius curlleaf mountain-mahogany" v2[a] = "Cercocarpus ledifolius, Cercocarpus, ledifolius, curlleaf mountain-mahogany, curlleaf mountain mahogany, curl leaf mountain mahogany, curl leaf, curlleaf, mountain-mahogany, mountain mahogany, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cercocarpus montanus true mountain-mahogany" v2[a] = "Rosaceae, Cercocarpus montanus, cercocarpus, montanus, alder mountain mahagony, true mountain mahogany, mahogany, true mountain-mahogany, true mountain, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Chaenomeles speciosa common floweringquince" v2[a] = "common floweringquince, common, floweringquince, common flowering quince, flowering quince, common flowering-quince, flowering-quince, flowering, quince, chaenomeles speciosa, chaenomeles, speciosa, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Coleogyne ramosissima blackbrush" v2[a] = "Coleogyne ramosissima, coleogyne, ramosissima, black brush, blackbrush, Dixie blackbrush, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cotoneaster spp. cotoneaster" v2[a] = "Rosaceae, cotoneaster, cotoneaster spp., " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cowania mexicana cliff rose" v2[a] = "Rosaceae, Cowania mexicana, cowania, Purshia, Purshia mexicana, mexicana, cliff rose, cliffrose, cliff-rose, rose," a += 1 v1[a] = "Crataegus spp. hawthorn" v2[a] = "hawthorne, hawthorn, Crataegus spp., Crataegus, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fallugia paradoxa Apache plume" v2[a] = "Rosaceae, fallugia, fallugia paradoxa, paradoxa, plume, apache, apache plume, ponil, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Heteromeles arbutifolia toyon" v2[a] = "Rosaceae, toyon, heteromeles, arbutifolia, heteromeles arbutifolia, Christmasberry, California holly, Photinia artbutifolia, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Holodiscus discolor ocean spray" v2[a] = "Holodiscus discolor, Holodiscus, discolor, ocean spray, ocean, spray, ocean-spray, oceanspray, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Holodiscus dumosus bush oceanspray" v2[a] = "Rosaceae, Holodiscus dumosus, Holodiscus discolor var.dumosa, Holodiscus microphyllus, holodiscus, dumosus, bush oceanspray, gland oceanspray, mountain-spray, rock spray spirea, mountain spray, ocean spray, oceanspray," a += 1 v1[a] = "Lyonothamnus floribundus lyon tree" v2[a] = "Rosaceae, lyonothamnus, lyonothamnus floribundus, floribundus, lyon, lyon tree, ironwood," a += 1 v1[a] = "Malus spp. common apple" v2[a] = "common apple, apple, Malus spp., Malus, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Oemleria cerasiformis Indian plum" v2[a] = "Oemleria cerasiformis, Oemleria, cerasiformis, Indian-plum, Indian plum, indian, plum, osoberry, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Osteomeles anthyllidifolia Hawaii hawthorn" v2[a] = "Rosaceae, Osteomeles anthyllidifolia, osteomeles, anthyllidifolia, Hawaii hawthorne, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Quillaja saponaria soapbark" v2[a] = "Rosaceae, Rosaceae Quillaja saponaria, quillaja saponaria, saponaria, soapbark, Chilean soap bark tree, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Photinia x fraseri red tips" v2[a] = "Rosaceae Photinia x fraseri, Rosaceae, Photinia, red tips, red, red tip, tips, tip, x fraseri, fraseri, Photinia x fraseri, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Physocarpus capitatus ninebark" v2[a] = "Physocarpus capitatus, Physocarpus, capitatus, ninebark, Pacific ninebark, nine bark, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Physocarpus malvaceus mallow ninebark" v2[a] = "Rosaceae, mallow ninebark, ninebark, mallowleaved ninebark, mountain ninebark, shallow ninebark, few-flowered ninebark, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Physocarpus monogynus mountain ninebark" v2[a] = "Physocarpus monogynus, physocarpus, monogynus, mountain nine bark, ninebark, mountain ninebark, mountain-ninebark, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus americana American plum" v2[a] = "American plum, plum, American, Rosaceace, prunus, americana, prunus americana, Rosaceaea Prunus americana, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus angustifolia Chickasaw plum" v2[a] = "Prunus angustifolia, Prunus, angustifolia, Chickasaw plum, Chickasaw, plum, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus avium sweet cherry" v2[a] = "sweet cherry, sweet, cherry, Prunus avium, Prunus, avium, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus caroliniana Carolina laurelcherry" v2[a] = "Prunus caroliniana, Prunus, caroliniana, carolina laurelcherry, carolina, laurelcherry, carolina laurel cherry, laurel cherry, laurel, cherry, carolina cherrylaurel, cherrylaurel, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus cerasifera Purple leaf plum" v2[a] = "Purple leaf plum, purple, purple leaf, plum, cherry plum, leaf plum, leaf, rosaceae, rosaceae prunus, Prunus cerasifera, Prunus cerasifera, fruit, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus emarginata bitter cherry" v2[a] = "Prunus emarginata, Prunus, emarginata, bitter cherry, bitter, cherry, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus fremontii desert apricot" v2[a] = "Rosaceae, Rosaceae Prunus fremontii, prunus, fremontii, prunus fremontii, desert, desert apricot, apricot, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus ilicifolia hollyleaf cherry" v2[a] = "Rosaceae, Rosaceae Prunus ilicifolia, prunus, ilicifolia, prunus ilicifolia, hollyleaf cherry, evergreen cherry, holly-leafed, laurocereus ilicifoia, prunus lyonii," a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus pennsylvanica fire cherry" v2[a] = "fire cherry, fire, cherry, pin cherry, pin, wild red cherry, wild cherry, red cherry, Prunus pennsylvanica, Prunus, pennsylvanica, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus persica peach" v2[a] = "Prunus persica, Prunus, persica, peach, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus sargentii Sargent cherry" v2[a] = "Rosaceae, prunus, Rosaceae Prunus sargentii, sargentii, prunus sargentii, Sargent, sargent cherry, cherry, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus serotina black cherry" v2[a] = "black cherry, black, cherry, wild cherry, Prunus serotina, Prunus, serotina, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus serrulata Kwanzan cherry" v2[a] = "Prunus serrulata, Prunus, serrulata, Kwanzan cherry, Kwanzan, cherry, Japanese flowering cherry, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus subcordata klamath plum" v2[a] = "klamath plum, plum, klamath, Rosaceae Prunus subcordata, Rosaceae, prunus, rosaceae, fruit, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus subhirtella Higan cherry" v2[a] = "Prunus subhirtella, Prunus, subhirtella, Higan cherry, higan, cherry, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus virginiana choke cherry" v2[a] = "Prunus virginiana, Prunus, virginiana, choke cherry, choke, cherry, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Prunus x yedoensis Yoshino cherry" v2[a] = "Prunus x yedoensis, Prunus yedoensis, Prunus, yedoensis, Yoshino cherry, Yoshino, cherry, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pseudocydonia sinensis Chinese quince" v2[a] = "Rosaceae Pseudocydonia sinensis, sinenesis, pseudocydonia, cydonia, Chinese, chinese quince, quince, pseudocydonia sinensis, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Purshia tridentata bitterbrush" v2[a] = "Purshia tridentata, Purshia, tridentata, bitterbrush, bitter brush, bitter, brush, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pyracantha coccinea scarlet firethorn" v2[a] = "Pyracantha coccinea, Pyracantha, coccinea, scarlet firethorn, scarlet, firethorn, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pyrus calleryana callery pear" v2[a] = "callery pear, callery, pear, Pyrus calleryana, pyrus, calleryana, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pyrus communis common pear" v2[a] = "common pear, common, pear, Pyrus communis, pyrus, communis, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rosa multiflora multiflora rose" v2[a] = "multiflora rose, rose, Rosa multiflora, Rosa, multiflora, Rosa multiflor, multiflor, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rosa rugosa rugosa rose" v2[a] = "Rosa rugosa, Rosa, rugosa, rose, rugosa rose, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rubus alleghaniensis Alleghany blackberry" v2[a] = "Alleghany blackberry, Alleghany, blackberry, Allegheny blackberry, Allegheny, Rubus alleghaniensis, Rubus, alleghaniensis, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rubus discolor Himalaya blackberry" v2[a] = "Rubus discolor, Rubus, discolor, Himalaya blackberry, Himalaya, blackberry, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rubus flagellaris dewberry" v2[a] = "Rubus flagellaris, Rubus, flagellaris, dewberry, dew berry, dew, berry, northern dewberry, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rubus idaeus red raspberry" v2[a] = "Rubus idaeus, Rubus, idaeus, red raspberry, red, raspberry, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rubus laciniatus evergreen blackberry" v2[a] = "Rubus laciniatus, Rubus, laciniatus, evergreen blackberry, evergreen, blackberry, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rubus occidentalis black raspberry" v2[a] = "black raspberry, black, raspberry, Rubus occidentalis, Rubus, occidentalis, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rubus odoratus purple flowering raspberry" v2[a] = "purple flowering raspberry, purple, flowering, raspberry, Rubus odoratus, Rubus, odoratus, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rubus parviflorus thimbleberry" v2[a] = "Rubus parviflorus, Rubus, parviflorus, thimbleberry, thimble berry, thimble, berry, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rubus phoenicolasius wine raspberry" v2[a] = "Rubus phoenicolasius, Rubus, phoenicolasius, wine raspberry, wine, raspberry, vine raspberry, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rubus spectabilis salmonberry" v2[a] = "Rubus spectabilis, Rubus, spectabilis, salmonberry, salmon, berry, salmon berry, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Rubus ursinus wild blackberry" v2[a] = "Rubus ursinus, Rubus, ursinus, wild blackberry, wild, blackberry, California blackberry, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Sorbus americana American mountainash" v2[a] = "Sorbus americana, Sorbus, rowan, americana, American mountain-ash, American mountainash, American mountain ash, American, mountain-ash, mountain ash, mountainash, ash, mountain, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Sorbus aucuparia European mountainash" v2[a] = "Sorbus aucuparia, Sorbus, rowan, aucuparia, European mountain-ash, European mountainash, European mountain ash, European, mountain-ash, mountain ash, mountainash, ash, mountain, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Sorbus decora showy mountain ash" v2[a] = "Rosaceae, Rosaceae Sorbus decora, Sorbus, sorbus, decora, sorbus decora, showy, showy mountain ash, mountainash, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Sorbus scopulinaa Greene's mountain ash" v2[a] = "Rosaceae, Rosaceae Sorbus scopulina, Sorbus, sorbus, scopulina, sorbus scopulina, Greene's mountain ash, mountainash, Greene Cascades mountain-ash, western mountain ash," a += 1 v1[a] = "Sorbus sitchensis Sitka mountainash" v2[a] = "Sorbus sitchensis, Sorbus, rowan, sitchensis, Sitka mountain-ash, Sitka mountainash, Sitka mountain ash, Sitka, mountain-ash, mountain ash, mountainash, ash, mountain, western mountain ash, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Spiraea alba narrowleaf spiraea" v2[a] = "Spiraea alba, Spiraea, alba, narrowleaf spiraea, narrowleaf spirea, narrow leaf spiraea, narrow leaf spirea, narrow, leaf, spirea, narrowleaf, hardhack, meadowsweet, meadow sweet, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Spiraea latifolia meadowsweet" v2[a] = "Spiraea latifolia, Spiraea, latifolia, spirea, spirea latifolia, spiraea, hardhack, meadowsweet, meadow sweet, Rosaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Vauqualinia californica meadowsweet" v2[a] = "Vauqualinia californica, Vauqualinia, californica, rosewood, Arizona rosewood, Arizona, rose wood, california, california rosewood, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cephalanthus occidentalis buttonbush" v2[a] = "buttonbush, button bush, button-bush, Cephalanthus occidentalis, Cephalanthus, occidentalis, Rubiaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Mitchella repens partridgeberry" v2[a] = "partridgeberry, partridge berry, partridge-berry, Mitchella repens, Mitchella, repens, Rubiaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Citrus spp. Orange" v2[a] = "Citrus, citrus, spp., citrus spp., orange, Rutaceae, Rue family, lemon, lime, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Phellodendron amurense Amur corktree" v2[a] = "Amur corktree, Amur, corktree, Amur cork tree, Amur cork-tree, cork tree, cork-tree, cork, Phellodendron amurense, Phellodendron, amurense, Rutaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Poncirus trifoliata trifoliate orange" v2[a] = "trifoliate orange, trifoliate, orange, Poncirus trifoliata, Poncirus, trifoliata, hardy orange, Rue family, Rutaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ptelea trifoliata hoptree" v2[a] = "Rutaceae, trifoliata, ptelea, ptelea trifoliata, hoptree, hop tree, Rutaceae Ptelea trifoliata, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Xanthoxylum clava-herculis prickle ash" v2[a] = "Rutaceae, Rutaceae Xanthoxylum clava-herculis, clava, clava herculis, clava-herculis, xanthoxylum, prickle ash, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Populus alba European white poplar" v2[a] = "Populus alba, Populus, alba, European white poplar, European, white, poplar, white poplar, silver-leaved poplar, silver leaved poplar, silver-leaved, silver leaved, Salicaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Populus balsamifera balsam poplar" v2[a] = "Populus balsamifera, Populus, balsamifera, balsam poplar, balsam, poplar, tacamahac poplar, tacamahac, balm-of-gilead, Salicaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Populus deltoides cottonwood" v2[a] = "cottonwood, cotton wood, cotton, Eastern cottonwood, Eastern cotton wood, common cottonwood, common cotton wood, cotton, poplar, Populus deltoides, Populus, deltoides, Salicaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Populus fremontii Fremont cottonwood" v2[a] = "cottonwood, cotton wood, cotton, cotton, poplar, Populus fremontii, Populus, fremontii, Arizona cottonwood, Alamo cottonwood, Salicaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Populus grandidentata bigtooth aspen" v2[a] = "bigtooth aspen, bigtooth, aspen, big tooth aspen, big tooth, poplar, Populus grandidentata, Populus, grandidentata, Salicaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Populus heterophylla swamp cottonwood" v2[a] = "Populus heterophylla, Populus heterophylla, swamp cottonwood, swamp, cottonwood, swamp cotton wood, cotton wood, Salicaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Populus nigra 'Italica' Lombardy poplar" v2[a] = "Populus, nigra, populus nigra, populus nigra 'Italica', 'Italica', italica, black poplar, lombardy, lombardy poplar, Salicaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Populus tremuloides quaking aspen" v2[a] = "quaking aspen, quaking, aspen, trembling aspen, trembling, popple, poplar, Populus tremuloides, Populus, tremuloides, Salicaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Populus trichocarpa black cottonwood" v2[a] = "Populus trichocarpa, Populus trichocarpa, black cottonwood, black, cottonwood, black cotton wood, cotton wood, Salicaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Salix babylonica weeping willow" v2[a] = "weeping willow, weeping, willow, babylon willow, babylon, Salix babylonica, Salix, babylonica, Salicaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Salix bebbiana Bebb's willow" v2[a] = "Salicaceae, Salix bebbiana, salix, bebbiana, smoth Bebb willow, Bebb's willow, Bebb willow, chaton, diamond willow, beak willow, beaked willow, willow family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Salix discolor pussy willow" v2[a] = "pussy willow, pussy, willow, pussywillow, pussy-willow, Salix discolor, Salix, discolor, Salicaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Salix exigua sandbar willow" v2[a] = "sandbar willow, sand bar, sand, sandbar, willow, salix, salix exigua, exigua, coyote willow, dusky willow, narrowleaf willow, basket willow, slender willow, gray sandbar willow, silvery desert willow, Salix argophylla, salix interior, salix longifolia var.exigua, Salicaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Salix lasiolepis arroyo willow" v2[a] = "willow, salix, salix lasiolepis, lasiolepis, arroyo, Arroyo, arroyo willow, willow famiy, Salicaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Salix nigra black willow" v2[a] = "black willow, black, willow, Salix nigra, Salix, nigra, Salicaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Salix scouleriana Scouler willow" v2[a] = "scouler, Scouler, scouler willow, willow, salix, Salix scouleriana, scouleriana, willow family, upland willow, Salicaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Koelreuteria paniculata goldenraintree" v2[a] = "Sapindaceae, koelreuteria paniculata, koelreuteria, paniculata, panicled Goldenraintree, panicled, goldenraintree, panicled golden rain tree, golden rain tree, golden raintree, varnishtree, varnish, tree, rain tree, raintree, rain-tree, golden rain-tree, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Dodonaea viscosa hopbush" v2[a] = "Dodonea viscosa, dodonaea viscosa, dodonaea, dodonea, viscosa, hop bush, hopbush, akeake, Florida hopbush, Sapindaceae," a += 1 v1[a] = "Sapindus drummondii Western soapberry" v2[a] = "Sapindaceae, Sapindaceae Sapindus drummondii, drummondii, sapindus, Sapindus saponaria var. drummondii, saponaria, Western, western, soapberry, soapberry, soap berry, Chinaberry, Indian soap plant, Drummond soapberry, cherrion, wild chinaberry, Mexican soapberry, wild China-tree, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ungnadia speciosa Mexican buckeye" v2[a] = "Bignoniaceae, Ungnadia speciosa, speciosa, ungnadia, Spanish buckeye, New mexico buckeye, New Mexican buckeye, false buckeye, Texas buckeye, canyon buckeye, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Keckiella ternata scarlet beardtongue" v2[a] = "Scrophulariaceae, Keckiella ternata, ternata, keckiella, scarlet beardtongue, scarlet beard tongue, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Penstemon davidsonii Davidson's penstemon," v2[a] = "Scrophulariaceae, Davidson's pestemon, penstemon, davidsonii, blue color mat, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Paulownia tomentosa royal paulownia" v2[a] = "royal paulownia, royal, paulownia, royal princess tree, princess tree, royal tree, empress tree, empress, Paulownia tomentosa, Paulownia, tomentosa, figwort family, Scrophulariaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ailanthus altissima tree of Heaven" v2[a] = "tree of Heaven, heaven, tree-of-heaven, ghetto palm, ghetto, palm, chinese sumac, chinese, sumac, Ailanthus altissima, Ailanthus, altissima, Quassia family, Simaroubaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Castela emoryi crucifixon thorn" v2[a] = "Simaroubaceae, castea, Castela emoryi, emoryi, crucifixion thorn, thorn, crucifixion, amargosa, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Lycium andersonii Anderson boxthorn" v2[a] = "Solanaceae, potato family, Lycium andersonii, andersonii, Anderson, boxthorn, Anderson boxthorn, lycium, Anderson wolfberry, squawberry, Anderson's thornbush, thorn bush, thornbush, water jacket, Anderson lycium, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Lycium richii Baja desert-thorn" v2[a] = "Solanaceae, potato family, Lycium richii, richii, richi, lycium, Baja desert thorn, desertthorn, desert-thorn, Baja desert-thorn" a += 1 v1[a] = "Solanum dulcamara bitter nightshade" v2[a] = "Solanum dulcamara, Solanum, dulcamara, bitter nightshade, bitter, nightshade, bitter night shade, bitter, night, shade, solanaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Staphylea trifolia bladdernut" v2[a] = "bladdernut, bladder nut, Staphylea trifolia, Staphylea, trifolia, Staphyleaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Firmiana simplex Chinese parasol tree" v2[a] = "Sterculiaceae, Cacao Family, Firmiana simplex, Sterculiaceae, firmiana, firmiana simplex, simplex, parasol, parasol tree, parasoltree, Chinese, chinese parasol tree, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fremontodendron californicum California fremontia" v2[a] = "Sterculiaceae, fremontodendron, californicum, femontodendron californicum, California, California fremontia, fremontia, flannelbush, flannel bush, mountain leatherwood, bush, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Fremontodendron mexicanum Mexican fremontia" v2[a] = "Sterculiaceae, fremontodendron, mexicanum, femontodendron mexicanum, Mexican, mexicanfremontia, fremontia, flannelbush, flannel bush, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Halesia caroliniana Carolina silverbell" v2[a] = "Carolina silverbell tree, Carolina silverbell, Carolina, silverbell, silverbell tree, Halesia caroliniana, Halesia, caroliniana, Storax Family, Styracaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Styrax americana American snowbell" v2[a] = "Styracaceae, styrax, Styrax americana, americana, American, America snowbell, snowbell, littleleaf snowbell, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Styrax japonicus Japanese snowbell" v2[a] = "Styrax japonicus, Styrax, japonicus, Japanese snowbell, Japanese, snowbell, Japanese snow bell, snow bell, snow, bell, Styracaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Symplocos tinctoria common sweetleaf" v2[a] = "common sweetleaf, sweetleaf, common, common sweet leaf, sweet leaf, horsesugar, horse sugar, horse-sugar, Symplocos tinctoria, Symplocos, tinctoria, symplocaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Tamarix aphylla Athel tamarisk" v2[a] = "Tamaricaceae, Tamarix Family, Tamarix, tamarix aphylla, aphylla, athel, athel tamarisk, tamarisk, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Tamarix chinensis salt cedar" v2[a] = "Tamaricaceae, Tamarix, tamarix chinensis, chinensis, salt cedar, saltcedar, five-stamen tamarisk, tamarix pentandra, chinese tamarisk, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Tamarix gallica tamarisk" v2[a] = "Tamarix gallica, Tamarix, gallica, tamarisk, pentandra, Tamarix pentranda, tamarix ramosissima, ramosissima, French tamarisk, Tamaricaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Tamarix parviflora smallflower tamarisk" v2[a] = "Tamaricaceae, Tamarix, tamarix parviflora, parviflora, tamarisk, smallflower tamarisk, small-flowered tamarisk, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Camellia japonica Japanese camellia" v2[a] = "Theaceae, Japanese, japanese camellia, camellia, japonica, camellia japonica, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Franklinia alatamaha Franklin tree" v2[a] = "Franklinia alatamaha, Franklinia, alatamaha, Franklin tree, franklin, tree, Theaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Gordonia lasianthus loblolly bay" v2[a] = "Gordonia lasianthus, Gordonia, lasianthus, loblolly bay, loblolly, bay, loblolly-bay, loblollybay, Theaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Stewartia spp. Stewartia spp." v2[a] = "Stewartia spp., stewartia, stewartia ovata, ovata, mountain stewartia, stewartia koreana, korean stewartia, koreana, stewartia malacodendron, silky stewartia, malacodendron, stewartia monadelpha, monadelpha, stewartia pseudocamellia, pseudocamellia, japanese stewartia, stewartia sinensis, chinese stewartia, sinensis, Theaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Tilia americana American basswood" v2[a] = "American basswood, american, basswood, linden, bass wood, american bass wood, Tilia americana, Tilia, americana, Tiliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Tilia cordata littleleaf linden" v2[a] = "littleleaf linden, littleleaf, linden, little-leaf linden, little-leaf, bass wood, basswood, Tilia cordata, Tilia, cordata, Tiliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Tilia tomentosa silver linden" v2[a] = "Tilia tomentosa, Tilia, tomentosa, silver linden, silver, basswood, bass wood, linden, Tiliaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Celtis africana white stinkwood" v2[a] = "Ulmaceae, Celtis, africana, celtis africana, white stinkwood, stinkwood, african elm, camdeboo, cannibal stinkwood, white stink wood," a += 1 v1[a] = "Celtis laevigata sugarberry" v2[a] = "Celtis laevigata, Celtis, laevigata, sugarberry, sugar berry, sugar, berry, Ulmaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Celtis occidentalis hackberry" v2[a] = "common american hackberry, common american hack berry, american hackberry, american hack berry, hackberry, hack berry, sugarberry, sugar berry, Celtis occidentalis, Celtis, occidentalis, Ulmaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Celtis pallida spiny hackberry" v2[a] = "Ulmaceae, Celtis, pallida, Celtis pallida, celtis, spiny hackberry, hackberry, spiny-hackberry, desert hackberry," a += 1 v1[a] = "Celtis reticulata netleaf hackberry" v2[a] = "Ulmaceae, celtis, reticulata, celtis reticulata, Ulmaceaea Celtis reticulata, netleaf, net leaf, hackberry, hack berry, berry, netleaf hackberry, western hackberry, palo blanco, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Planera aquatica water elm" v2[a] = "water elm, water, elm, planera aquatica, planera, aquatica, Ulmaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ulmus alata winged elm" v2[a] = "winged elm, winged, elm, Ulmus alata, Ulmus, alata, Ulmaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ulmus americana American elm" v2[a] = "American elm, American, elm, white elm, white, Ulmus americana, Ulmus, americana, Ulmaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ulmus parvifolia Chinese elm" v2[a] = "Chinese elm, Chinese, elm, siberian elm, siberian, lacebark elm, lacebark, Ulmus parvifolia, Ulmus, parvifolia, Ulmaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ulmus pumila Siberian elm" v2[a] = "Siberian elm, Siberian, elm, Chinese elm, Chinese, Ulmus pumila, Ulmus, pumila, Ulmaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ulmus rubra slippery elm" v2[a] = "slippery elm, slippery, elm, red elm, red, Ulmus rubra, Ulmus, rubra, Ulmaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ulmus thomasii rock elm" v2[a] = "rock elm, rock, elm, cork elm, cork, Ulmus thomasii, Ulmus, thomasii, Ulmaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Zelkova serrata Japanese zelkova" v2[a] = "Japanese zelkova, Japanese, zelkova, Zelkova serrata, Zelkova, serrata, Ulmaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Avicennia germinans black mangrove" v2[a] = "black mangrove, black, mangrove, avicennia germinans, avicennia, germinans, Verbena Family, Verbenaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Callicarpa americana American beautyberry" v2[a] = "american beautyberry, american, beautyberry, american beauty berry, beauty berry, beauty, berry, callicarpa americana, callicarpa, americana, Verbena Family, Verbenaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Lippia spp. verbena" v2[a] = "Verbenaceae, lippia, lippia spp., verbena, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Vitex negundo chaste tree" v2[a] = "Verbenaceae, Verbena Family, beautyberry family, chaste tree, vitex, vitex negundo, vitex negundo, chaste, chastetree, cut-leaf chastetree, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Vitex agnus-castus lilac chastetree" v2[a] = "Verbenaceae, Verbena Family, beautyberry family, chaste tree, vitex, vitex agnus-castus, vitex, chaste, chastetree, chasteberry, monk's pepper tree, hemp tree, lilac chasteberry, chaste tree, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Parthenocissus quinquefolia Virginia creeper" v2[a] = "Virginia creeper, Virginia, creeper, vine, vines, woodbine, Parthenocissus quinquefolia, Parthenocissus, quinquefolia, Vitaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Parthenocissus tricuspidata Boston ivy" v2[a] = "Parthenocissus tricuspidata, Parthenocissus, tricuspidata, Boston ivy, Boston, ivy, Japanese creeper, Japanese, creeper, vine, vines, Vitaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Vitis rotundifolia Muscadine grape" v2[a] = "grape, grapevine, grape vine, vine, vines, Muscadine, muscadine vine, Vitis rotundifolia, Vitis, Vitaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Vitis spp. grape" v2[a] = "grape, grapevine, grape vine, vine, vines, Vitis spp., Vitis, Vitaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Larrea tridentata creosote bush" v2[a] = "Zygophyllaceae, larrea, larrea tridentata, tridentata, larrea divaricata, creosote, creosote bush, greasewood, grease wood, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Calocedrus decurrens incense-cedar" v2[a] = "incense-cedar, incense cedar, incense, cedar, Calocedrus decurrens, Calocedrus, decurrens, libocedrus decurrens, libocedrus, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Port-Orford-cedar" v2[a] = "Port-Orford-cedar, Port Orford cedar, port orford, cedar, port-orford cedar, port-orford, orford-cedar, orford cedar, orford, false cypress, false-cypress, falsecypress, cypress, white cedar, white-cedar, white, oregon cedar, oregon-cedar, oregon, lawson cedar, lawson-cedar, lawson, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, Chamaecyparis, lawsoniana, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Chamaecyparis nootkatensis Alaska yellow-cedar" v2[a] = "Alaska yellow-cedar, alaska yellow cedar, alaska-yellow-cedar, alaska-yellow cedar, yellow cedar, yellow-cedar, alaska cedar, alaska-cedar, alaska, yellow, cedar, nootka, falsecypress, false cypress, false-cypress, cypress, Chamaecyparis nootkatensis, Chamaecyparis, nootkatensis, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Chamaecyparis obtusa Hinoki falsecypress" v2[a] = "Hinoki falsecypress, Hinoki false-cypress, Hinoki false cypress, Hinoki-false-cypress, hinoki, falsecypress, false-cypress, false cypress, cypress, japanese, japanese cypress, japanese falsecypress, japanese false-cypress, japanese false cypress, Chamaecyparis obtusa, Chamaecyparis, obtusa, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Chamaecyparis pisifera Sawara-cedar" v2[a] = "Sawara-cedar, sawara cedar, sawara, cedar, Chamaecyparis pisifera, Chamaecyparis, pisifera, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Chamaecyparis thyoides Atlantic white-cedar" v2[a] = "Atlantic white-cedar, atlantic-white-cedar, atlantic white cedar, atlantic-white cedar, atlantic, white, cedar, white cedar, white-cedar, whitecedar, arborvitae, arbor vitae, arbor-vitae, falsecypress, false-cypress, false cypress, cypress, Chamaecyparis thyoides, Chamaecyparis, thyoides, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cupressus arizonica Arizona cypress" v2[a] = "Arizona, cypress, Arizona cypress, Cupressaceae, Cupressus, cupressus arizonica, arizonica, cedro, smooth-bark cypress, rough-bark cypress, Arizona rough cypress, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cupressus forbesii Tecate cypress" v2[a] = "Cupressus forbesii, forbesii, cupressus, Tecate, Tecate cypress, cypress, Forbes cypress, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cupressus macrocarpa Montereycypress" v2[a] = "Cupressus macrocarpa, Cupressaceae, cupressus, macrocarpa, Monterey cypress, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juniperus californica California juniper" v2[a] = "California juniper, California, juniper, Juniperus californica, Juniperus, californica, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juniperus chinensis Chinese juniper" v2[a] = "Chinese juniper, chinese, juniper, Pfitzeriana, Pfitzer, Juniperus chinensis, Juniperus, chinensis, Juniperus Pfitzeriana, Juniperus, Pfitzeriana, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juniperus communis common juniper" v2[a] = "common juniper, common, juniper, common oldfield juniper, common old field juniper, oldfield juniper, old field juniper, oldfield, old field, Juniperus communis, Juniperus, communis, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juniperus conferta shore juniper" v2[a] = "shore juniper, shore, juniper, blue pacific juniper, blue juniper, pacific juniper, blue, pacific, Juniperus conferta, Juniperus, conferta, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juniperus deppeana alligator juniper" v2[a] = "Juniperus deppeana, juniperus, deppeana, alligator juniper, juniper, checker-bark juniper, checker bark juniper, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juniperus horizontalis creeping juniper" v2[a] = "creeping juniper, creeping, juniper, blue rug juniper, blue rug, Juniperus horizontalis, Juniperus, horizontalis, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juniperus monosperma oneseed juniper" v2[a] = " Juniperus monosperma, juniperus, monosperma, oneseed juniper, one-seed juniper, juniper, one-seeded juniper, redberry juniper, cherry-stone juniper, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juniperus occidentalis western juniper" v2[a] = "western juniper, western, juniper, redcedar, red cedar, red-cedar, rocky mountain juniper, rocky mountain, mountain juniper, Juniperus scopulorum, Juniperus, scopulorum, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juniperus osteosperma Utah juniper" v2[a] = " Juniperus osteosperma, juniperus, osteosperma, Utah juniper, juniper, bigberry juniper, Juniperus utahensis, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juniperus pinchotii redberry juniper" v2[a] = "Cupressaceae, Juniperus pinchotii, pinchotii, juniperus, redberry juniper, red berry, Juniperus texensis, Sabina pinchotii, Pinchot juniper, Texas juniper, cedar, Christmasberry juniper, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juniperus procumbens Ibuki juniper" v2[a] = "Ibuki juniper, Ibuki, juniper, japgarden juniper, jap garden juniper, japgarden, jap garden, nana juniper, nana, japanese juniper, japanese, Juniperus procumbens, Juniperus, procumbens, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juniperus scopulorum Rocky Mountain juniper" v2[a] = "western juniper, western, juniper, redcedar, red cedar, red-cedar, rocky mountain juniper, rocky mountain, mountain juniper, Juniperus scopulorum, Juniperus, scopulorum, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Juniperus virginiana eastern redcedar" v2[a] = "eastern redcedar, eastern red cedar, eastern, redcedar, red cedar, red-cedar, juniper, eastern-redcedar, eastern red-cedar, Juniperus virginiana, Juniperus, virginiana, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Thuja occidentalis northern white-cedar" v2[a] = "northern white-cedar, northern white cedar, northern-white cedar, northern cedar, northern-cedar, white cedar, whitecedar, white-cedar, arborvitae, arbor vitae, arbor-vitae, american cedar, american-cedar, american, american white-cedar, american white cedar, american-white cedar, Thuja occidentalis, Thuja, occidentalis, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Thuja plicata western redcedar" v2[a] = "western redcedar, western, redcedar, western red cedar, western red-cedar, red cedar, red-cedar, giant arborvitae, giant arbor vitae, giant arbor-vitae, giant, arborvitae, arbor vitae, arbor-vitae, Thuja plicata, Thuja, plicata, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "x Cupressocyparis leylandii Leyland cypress" v2[a] = "Leyland cypress, Leyland, cypress, x Cupressocyparis leylandii, x Cupressocyparis, Cupressocyparis, leylandii, Cupressaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ephedra spp. Mormon tea" v2[a] = "Ephedraceae, ephedra, mormon, mormon tea, joint-fir, joint, fir, joint fir, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Ginkgo biloba ginkgo" v2[a] = "ginkgo, ginko, maidenhair tree, maiden hair tree, maidenhair, maiden hair, Ginkgo biloba, Ginkgo, biloba, Ginkgoaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Abies amabilis Pacific silver fir" v2[a] = "Pacific silver fir, pacific, silver, fir, pacific fir, silver fir, cascades fir, cascade fir, cascades, cascade, Abies amabilis, Abies, amabilis, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Abies balsamea balsam fir" v2[a] = "balsam fir, balsam, fir, Abies balsamea, Abies, balsamea, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Abies bracteata bristelcone fire" v2[a] = "Pinaceae, fir, bristle cone, bristlecone, bristlecone fir, Abies, abies bracteata, bracteata, Santa Lucia fir, silver fir, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Abies concolor white fir" v2[a] = "white fir, white, fir, Abies concolor, Abies, concolor, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Abies fraseri fraser fir" v2[a] = "fraser fir, fraser, fir, southern balsam fir, southern balsam, southern fir, balsam fir, balsam, Abies fraseri, Abies, fraseri, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Abies grandis grand fir" v2[a] = "grand fir, grand, fir, Abies grandis, Abies, grandis, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Abies lasiocarpa subalpine fir" v2[a] = "subalpine fir, subalpine, fir, corkbark fir, corkbark, rocky mountain fir, rocky mountain, mountain fir, mountain, Abies lasiocarpa, Abies, lasiocarpa, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Abies magnifica California red fir" v2[a] = "California red fir, california red, red fir, california, red, fir, california fir, shasta fir, shasta, shaster fir, shaster, Abies magnifica, Abies, magnifica, Abies magnifica var. shastensis, shastensis, var. shastensis, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Abies procera noble fir" v2[a] = "noble fir, noble, fir, Abies procera, Abies, procera, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cedrus atlantica Atlas cedar" v2[a] = "Atlas cedar, Atlas, cedar, blue atlas cedar, blue atlas, blue cedar, Cedrus atlantica, Cedrus, atlantica, cedrus glauca, glauca, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cedrus deodara deodar cedar" v2[a] = "deodar cedar, deodar, Pinaceae Cedrus deodara, cedar, Pinaceae, Cedrus, deodara, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Larix decidua European common larch" v2[a] = "European common larch, European larch, European, larch, common larch, Larix decidua, Larix, decidua, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Larix kaempferi Japanese larch" v2[a] = "Japanese larch, Japanese, larch, Larix japonica, Larix kaempferi, Larix, kaempferi, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Larix laricina tamarack" v2[a] = "tamarack, eastern american larch, eastern, american, larch, american larch, eastern larch, Larix laricina, Larix, laricina, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Larix lyalii subalpine larch" v2[a] = "Pinaceae, Larix lyalii, larix, lyalii, subalpine larch, sub alpine, larch, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Larix occidentalis western larch" v2[a] = "western larch, western, larch, Larix occidentalis, Larix, occidentalis, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Picea abies Norway spruce" v2[a] = "Norway spruce, Norway, spruce, Picea abies, Picea, abies, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Picea breweriana Brewer spruce" v2[a] = "Brewer spruce, Brewer, spruce, Picea breweriana, Picea, breweriana, brewerana, Picea brewerana, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Picea chihuahuana  Chihuahua spruce" v2[a] = "Pinaceae, Picea chihuahuana, picea, chihuahuana, spruce, Chihuahua spruce, Chihuahuan spruce, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Picea engelmannii Engelmann spruce" v2[a] = "Engelmann spruce, Engelmann, spruce, Picea engelmannii, Picea, engelmannii, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Picea glauca white spruce" v2[a] = "white spruce, white, spruce, catpiss spruce, cat piss spruce, catpiss, cat piss, Picea glauca, Picea, glauca, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Picea mariana black spruce" v2[a] = "black spruce, black, spruce, Picea mariana, Picea, mariana, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Picea pungens blue spruce" v2[a] = "blue spruce, blue, spruce, colorado blue spruce, colorado, colorado spruce, Picea pungens, Picea, pungens, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Picea rubens red spruce" v2[a] = "red spruce, red, spruce, Picea rubens, Picea, rubens, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Picea sitchensis Sitka spruce" v2[a] = "Sitka spruce, Sitka, spruce, Picea sitchensis, Picea, sitchensis, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus albicaulis whitebark pine" v2[a] = "whitebark pine, whitebark, pine, white bark pine, white bark, Pinus albicaulis, Pinus, albicaulis, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus aristata bristlecone pine" v2[a] = "bristlecone pine, bristlecone, pine, bristle cone pine, bristle cone, rocky mountain pine, rocky mountain, colorado pine, colorado, Pinus aristata, Pinus, aristata, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus attenuata knobcone pine" v2[a] = "knobcone pine, knobcone, pine, knob cone pine, knob cone, Pinus attenuata, Pinus, attenuata, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus banksiana jack pine" v2[a] = "jack pine, jack, pine, Pinus banksiana, Pinus, banksiana, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus bungeana lacebark pine" v2[a] = "lacebark pine, lacebark, pine, lace bark pine, lace bark, Pinus bungeana, Pinus, bungeana, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus cembra Swiss stone pine" v2[a] = "Pinaceae, pinus, pinus cembra, cembra, Pinus cembra, Swiss, swiss stone, swiss stone pine, pine, alpine pine, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus clausa sand pine" v2[a] = "sand pine, sand, pine, buttcrack pine, Pinus clausa, Pinus, clausa, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus contorta lodgepole pine" v2[a] = "lodgepole pine, lodgepole, pine, lodge pole pine, lodge pole, shore pine, shore, Pinus contorta, Pinus, contorta, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus coulteri Coulter pine" v2[a] = "Coulter pine, Coulter, pine, Pinus coulteri, Pinus, coulteri, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus densiflora Japanese red pine" v2[a] = "Japanese red pine, Japanese red, red pine, japanese, red, pine, dragon's eye pine, dragon's eye, dragons eye pine, dragons eye, oculis-draconis, oculus draconis, oculus, draconis, Pinus densiflora, Pinus, densiflora, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus echinata shortleaf pine" v2[a] = "shortleaf pine, shortleaf, pine, short leaf pine, short leaf, Pinus echinata, Pinus, echinata, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus edulis pinyon pine" v2[a] = "pinyon pine, pinyon, pine, pinon pine, pinon, two-needle pine, two needle pine, two needle, two-needle, two-needle pinyon pine, two needle pinyon pine, two needle pinyon, two-needle pinyon, Pinus edulis, Pinus, edulis, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus elliottii slash pine" v2[a] = "slash pine, slash, pine, Pinus elliottii, Pinus, elliottii, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus engelmannii Apache pine" v2[a] = "Pinus engelmannii, pinus, engelmannii, Apache, Apache pine, Arizona longleaf pine, Pinus latifolia, Pinus apacheca, pine, Pinaceae," a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus flexilis limber pine" v2[a] = "limber pine, limber, pine, rocky mountain white pine, rocky mountain pine, white pine, rocky mountain white, rocky mountain, white, Pinus flexilis, Pinus, flexilis, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus glabra spruce pine" v2[a] = "spruce pine, spruce, pine, Pinus glabra, Pinus, glabra, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus halepensis Aleppo pine" v2[a] = "Pinus halepensis, pinus, halepensis, Aleppo, Aleppo pine, pine, Aleppo, Pinaceae," a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus jeffreyi Jeffrey pine" v2[a] = "Jeffrey pine, Jeffrey, pine, Pinus jeffreyi, Pinus, jeffreyi, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus lambertiana sugar pine" v2[a] = "sugar pine, sugar, pine, Pinus lambertiana, Pinus, lambertiana, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus leiophylla Chihuahua pine" v2[a] = "Pinus leiophylla, pinus, leiophylla, Chihuahua pine, pine, Chihuahua, yellow pine, Pinaceae," a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus monophylla singleleaf pinyon" v2[a] = "Pinaceae, pinus, pinus monophylla, monophylla, single leaf, singleleaf pine, singleleaf, pine, nut pine, pinon, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus monticola western white pine" v2[a] = "western white pine, western white, pine, western, white, idaho pine, idaho, Pinus monticola, Pinus, monticola, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus mugo mugo pine" v2[a] = "mugo pine, mugo, pine, Pinus mugo, Pinus, mugo, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus muricata Bishop pine" v2[a] = "Pinaceae, pinus, pinus muricata, muricata, Pinaceae Pinus muricata, bishop pine, bishoppine, bishop's pine, Bishop's pine, California swamp pine, prickle-cone pine, Pinus remorata, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus nigra Austrian pine" v2[a] = "austrian pine, austrian, pine, austrian black pine, austrian black, black pine, Pinus nigra, Pinus, nigra, Pinus austriaca, austriaca, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus palustris longleaf pine" v2[a] = "longleaf pine, longleaf, pine, long leaf pine, long leaf, long-leaf pine, long-leaf, Pinus palustris, Pinus, palustris, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus parviflora Japanese white pine" v2[a] = "Japanese white pine, japanese white, white pine, japanese pine, japanese, white, pine, whitebark pine, white bark pine, whitebark, white bark, Pinus parviflora, Pinus, parviflora, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus pinea Italian stone pine" v2[a] = "Pinaceae, Pine family, Pinus, pinea, Pinus pinea, Italian stone pine, pinus sativa," a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus ponderosa ponderosa pine" v2[a] = "ponderosa pine, ponderosa, pine, western yellow pine, western yellow, western pine, yellow pine, Pinus ponderosa, Pinus, ponderosa, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus pungens table mountain pine" v2[a] = "table mountain pine, table mountain, table-mountain pine, table-mountain, Pinus pungens, Pinus, pungens, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus quadrifolia Parry pine" v2[a] = "Parry pine, Parry, pine, Parry pinyon, pinyon, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus radiata Monterey pine" v2[a] = "Monterey pine, Monterey, radiata pine, pine, Pinus radiata, Pinus, radiata, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus resinosa red pine" v2[a] = "red pine, red, pine, norway pine, norway, Pinus resinosa, Pinus, resinosa, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus rigida pitch pine" v2[a] = "pitch pine, pitch, pine, bull pine, bull, Pinus rigida, Pinus, rigida, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus roxburghii Pinus roxburghii" v2[a] = "Chir pine, Pinus roxburghii, pinus, roxburghii, roxburghi, Pinaceae, pine family, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus sabiniana gray pine" v2[a] = "digger pine, digger, pine, gray pine, gray, grey pine, grey, Pinus sabiniana, Pinus, sabiniana, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus serotina pond pine" v2[a] = "pond pine, pond, pine, Pinus serotina, Pinus, serotina, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus strobiformis Southewestern white pine" v2[a] = "Pinus strobiformis, pinus, strobiformis, southwestern white pine, south western white pine, white pine, western white pine, border limber pine, border white pine,Mexican white pine, pine, Pinaceae," a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus strobus eastern white pine" v2[a] = "eastern white pine, eastern white, eastern, white, pine, northern white pine, northern white, northern, ship mast pine, ship mast, ship, mast, Pinus strobus, Pinus, strobus, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus sylvestris Scots pine" v2[a] = "Scots pine, Scots, pine, scotch pine, scotch, Pinus sylvestris, Pinus, sylvestris, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus taeda loblolly pine" v2[a] = "loblolly pine, loblolly, pine, Pinus taeda, Pinus, taeda, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus thunbergii Japanese black pine" v2[a] = "Japanese black pine, Japanese black, Japanese pine, black pine, japanese, black, pine, Pinus thunbergii, Pinus, thunbergii, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus torreyana Torrey pine" v2[a] = "Torrey pine, Torrey, pine, Pinus torreyana, Pinus, torreyana, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus virginiana Virginia pine" v2[a] = "Virginia pine, Virginia, pine, scrub pine, scrub, poverty pine, poverty, jersey spruce, virginiana pine, Pinus virginiana, Pinus, virginiana, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pinus wallichiana Himalaya pine" v2[a] = "Pinaceae, pine family, Pinus wallichiana, wallichiana, Himalaya pine, pine, pinus, Himalayan pine, Himalayan white pine, Butan pine, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pseudotsuga macrocarpa Bigcone douglas-fir" v2[a] = "Pinaceae, Pinaceae Pseudotsuga macrocarpa, pseudotsuga, macrocarpa, bigcone, big cone, bigcone douglas-fir, douglas fir, false hemlock, desert fir, bigcone Douglas-fir, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pseudotsuga menziesii Douglas-fir" v2[a] = "Douglas-fir, douglas fir, doug-fir, doug fir, douglas, fir, douglasfir, dougfir, common douglas fir, Pseudotsuga menziesii, Pseudotsuga, menziesii, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Pseudotsuga sinensis Chinese douglas-fir" v2[a] = "Pinaceae, Pseudotsuga sinensis, sinensis, Pseudotsuga, Chinese douglas-fir, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Tsuga canadensis eastern hemlock" v2[a] = "eastern hemlock, eastern, hemlock, eastern-hemlock, canadian hemlock, canadian, canadian-hemlock, Tsuga canadensis, Tsuga, canadensis, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Tsuga caroliniana Carolina hemlock" v2[a] = "Carolina hemlock, Carolina, hemlock, Carolina-hemlock, Tsuga caroliniana, Tsuga, caroliniana, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Tsuga heterophylla western hemlock" v2[a] = "western hemlock, western, hemlock, western-hemlock, pacific hemlock, pacific, pacific-hemlock, Tsuga heterophylla, Tsuga, heterophylla, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Tsuga mertensiana mountain hemlock" v2[a] = "mountain hemlock, mountain, hemlock, mountain-hemlock, Tsuga mertensiana, Tsuga, mertensiana, Pinaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Podocarpus gracilior fern pine" v2[a] = "Podocarpaceae, Podocarpus gracilior, gracilior, podocarpus, African fern pine, fern pine, Podocarpus elongatus, Africarpus gracilior, Decussocarpus gracilior, fern podocarpus, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Sciadopitys verticillata Umbrella pine" v2[a] = "Sciadopitaceae, Sciadopitys, verticillata, sciadopitys verticillata, umbrella pine, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Taxus baccata English yew" v2[a] = "English yew, English, yew, Taxus baccata, Taxus, baccata, Taxaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Taxus brevifolia Pacific yew" v2[a] = "Pacific yew, Pacific, yew, Taxus brevifolia, Taxus, brevifolia, Taxaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Torreya californica California nutmeg" v2[a] = "California nutmeg, California, nutmeg, California torreya, Torreya californica, Torreya, californica, Taxaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Torreya taxifolia Florida torreya" v2[a] = "Florida torreya, stinking-cedar, stinking cedar, stinking, cedar, Florida, Tumion taxifolium, savin, polecat wood, gopherwood, torreya, torreya taxifolia, taxaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cryptomeria japonica Japanese cryptomeria" v2[a] = "Cryptomeria japonica, japonica, Cryptomeria, Taxodiaceae, Japanese, Japanese cryptomeria, Taxodiaceae Cryptomeria japonica, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Cunninghamia lanceolata Chinafir" v2[a] = "Cunninghamia lanceolata, Cunninghamia, lanceolata, Taxodiaceae, china fir, Chinafir, China, fir, China-fir, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Metasequoia glyptostroboides dawn redwood" v2[a] = "dawn redwood, dawn, redwood, dawn red wood, red wood, Metasequoia glyptostroboides, Metasequoia, glyptostroboides, Taxodiaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Sequoia sempervirens redwood" v2[a] = "redwood, red wood, Sequoia sempervirens, Sequoia, sempervirens, Taxodiaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Sequoiadendron giganteum giant sequoia" v2[a] = "giant sequoia, giant, sequoia, bigtree, big tree, Sequoiadendron giganteum, Sequoiadendron, giganteum, Sequoiadendron gigantea, Sequoiadendron, gigantea, Taxodiaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Taxodium ascendens pondcypress" v2[a] = "pondcypress, pond cypress, pond, cypress, pond baldcypress, baldcypress, Taxodium ascendens, Taxodium, ascendens, Taxodiaceae, " a += 1 v1[a] = "Taxodium distichum baldcypress" v2[a] = "baldcypress, bald cypress, bald-cypress, bald, cypress, southern common baldcypress, southern baldcypress, common baldcypress, southern common bald cypress, southern bald cypress, common bald cypress, southern common bald-cypress, southern bald-cypress, common bald-cypress, Taxodium distichum, Taxodium, distichum, Taxodiaceae, " records_count = a; // ----end data -------