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Angiosperm families A-F

Aceraceae - Maple Family

Agavaceae - Agave Family

Anacardiaceae - Cashew Family

Annonaceae - Custard Apple Family

Apocynaceae - Dogbane Family

Aquifoliaceae - Holly Family

Araliaceae - Ginseng Family

Arecaceae - Palm Family

Aristolochiaceae - Birthwort Family

Asteraceae - Aster Family

Berberidaceae - Barberry Family

Betulaceae - Birch Family Bignoniaceae - Catalpa Family

Boraginaceae - Borage Family

Burseraceae - Torchwood Family

Buxaceae - Box Family

Cactaceae - Cactus Family

Calycanthaceae - Calycanthus Family

Capparaceae - Caper Family

Caprifoliaceae - Honeysuckle Family

Casuarinaceae - Beefwood Family

Celastraceae - Staff-Tree Family

Cercidiphyllaceae - Katsura Family Chenopodiaceae - Goosefoot Family

Cistaceae - Rock-rose Family

Clethraceae - Sweet-Pepper Bush Family

Clusiaceae - Garcinia Family

Combretaceae - Combretum Family

Cornaceae - Dogwood Family

Cyrillaceae - Titi Family

Ebenaceae - Ebony Family

Elaeagnaceae - Oleaster Family

Ericaceae - Heath Family

Euphorbiaceae - Spurge Family

Fabaceae - Bean Family

Fagaceae - Beech Family

Fouquieriaceae - Conquist Family