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fuzzy deutzia Hydrangeaceae Deutzia scabra Thunb. Listen to the Latin symbol: DESC4
Leaf: Opposite, simple, deciduous, serrate, light green and slightly pubescent on both surfaces, giving them a rough or scabrous feel, to 4 inches long and 2 inches wide, leaf base rounded and tip somewhat acuminate.
Flower: Very showy, snow white (although pink cultivars are available), fragrant, borne on a panicle to 6 inches, individual flowers to 1/2 to 3/4 inch, appearing in late spring to early summer.
Fruit: A dry brown capsule, 1/4 inch, ripening in early fall and persistent through winter.
Twig: Slender, fuzzy/scabrous, new growth red-brown to green, hollow pith, scaly and pointed buds.
Bark: Reddish brown to orange-brown and exfoliating in large sheets, attractive.
Form: A large shrub to 10 feet with an open, arching crown, may appear unkept.
Looks like: old fashioned weigela - beautybush - glossy abelia - Amur honeysuckle
leaf flower fruit twig bark form1 map
Additional Range Information: Deutzia scabra is planted in the USDA hardiness zones shown above and is not known to widely escape cultivaton.
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