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What's blooming in Montgomery County?


What's Blooming?

Full Bloom:

Aesculus flava flowers Aesculus flava - yellow buckeye

Cornus kousa flowers Cornus kousa - kousa dogwood

Lonicera japonica flowers Lonicera japonica - Japanese honeysuckle

Rosa multiflora flowers Rosa multiflora - multiflora rose

Rubus allegheniensis flowers Rubus allegheniensis - Alleghany blackberry

Starting to Bloom:


Chionanthus virginicus flowers Chionanthus virginicus - fringetree

Lonicera maackii flowers Lonicera maackii - Amur honeysuckle flowers after L morrowii

Paulownia tomentosa flowers Paulownia tomentosa - royal paulownia

Prunus serotina flowers Prunus serotina - black cherry

Robinia pseudoacacia flowers Robinia pseudoacacia - black locust

Viburnum plicatum flowers Viburnum plicatum - doublefile viburnum This is a very common ornamental on the VT campus.

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