Dr. Jeff Kirwan

Author Bio

Jeff Kirwan is Emeritus Professor and Extension Specialist in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation at Virginia Tech. For the past 10 years he has coordinated the Virginia Big Tree Program, and has pioneered the use of information technology to engage citizens of all ages in the care and appreciation for trees. He serves on the state advisory committees for Project Learning Tree and the Master Naturalist Program. He has degrees from Bridgewater College, University of Minnesota, and the University of Virginia. Jeff is a tree farmer and a member of the Nause-Waiwash Band of Indians on his native Eastern Shore of Maryland. He and his wife, Judy, live in Blacksburg.

Update: Remarkable Trees of Virginia Project

Virginia Tech Forestry Professor and 4-H Extension Specialist, Dr. Jeff Kirwan, will be visiting schools, libraries and other public venues for the purpose of promoting the Remarkable Trees of Virginia Project, which seeks to engage a new generation of Virginians with recognizing, enjoying and protecting our Commonwealth's most significant trees. Along with co-author Nancy Ross Hugo and fine-art photographer Robert Llewellyn, the team has documented over 1,000 trees that were nominated by citizens and are celebrated in a fine art book distributed by University of Virginia Press.

Dr. Kirwan will show pictures of trees to illustrate how old trees get, how big, and those that were living during important events in American History, including Jamestown, French and Indian War, Civil War, even the beginnings of NASCAR. He will talk about trees that are culturally important to American Indians and African Americans. He will describe the economic and social benefits of trees, and challenge students to improve their world with trees. His presentation mixes science, history, literature, and beautiful photographs to capture the imaginations and minds of youth grades 3 and up.

Press Release

Virginia Tech Emeritus professor and extension specialist, Jeff Kirwan, speaks about his four-year search for Virginia's most remarkable trees, and his new book that features 100 of the oldest, largest, most beautiful and historic trees around the state.

Kirwan focuses on area trees that are featured in the book, Remarkable Trees of Virginia. These trees were selected from over 1,000 trees that were nominated to the project by citizens over the past five years. Co-author Nancy Ross Hugo and photographer Robert Llewellyn hope their book will engage a new generation of Virginians in recognizing, enjoying and protecting our Commonwealth's most significant trees.