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striped maple Acer pensylvanicum play

Striped maple is a small understory tree found on mesic to moist acidic soils, generally above 1500 feet in the southern part of its range.

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Intentional regeneration of striped maple is uncommon.

This tree occurs in moist fertile sites in the Appalachians. Found in cool, moist coves.


Small tree or large shrub up to 30 feet tall.

Timber Value
Striped maple is mostly too small to have timber value.

Wildlife Value
Purportedly a browse species, but it is generally passed over by deer for almost anything else.
Attracts moose, rabbits, grouse

Insects and Diseases

Fun Facts
Striped maple twigs are easily hollowed to make a whistle. The tree is also known as moosewood because it is often browsed by moose and deer.

Latin Meaning
Acer: Latin name - sharp (leaves or used as lances) or Celtic "ac" (hard) / pensylvanicum: of Pennsylvania

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