pygmy date palm Arecaceae Phoenix roebelenii

Leaf:Alternate, pinnately compound, up to 4 feet long; individual leaflets lance-shaped, 1 foot long, lower half of petiole covered with 2-3 inch sharp spines, shiny dark green above, feathery.
Flower:Species is dioecious; both males and females occur on dense, hanging many-branched 1 foot clusters, creamy yellow-white, opening from a husk-like structure, appearing periodically throughout the year.
Fruit:Fleshy drupe, elliptical, 1/2 inch long, red-brown to dark purple, date-like, occurs in up to 18 inch hanging clusters, may be produced in quantity.
Bark:Light grayish brown, rough and irregular, with leaves or leaf bases persisting, may form adventitious roots near the base.
Form:A small, single-stemmed palm (often cultured to be clumping) to 10 feet tall, trunks usually sweeping, dense feathery top.

leaf flower fruit bark form map