spreading euonymus Celastraceae Euonymus kiautschovicus

Leaf:Opposite, evergreen to semi-evergreen, thickened and leathery, 2 to 3 inches long, elliptical to obovate, serrate, dark glossy green with lighter veins, lighter beneath.
Flower:Perfect, small (1/4 inch), creamy white to yellow-green appear in small 4 inch wide open clusters in mid-summer, somewhat showy.
Fruit:Dry pink capsules (1/3 inch) that split open to reveal small orange-red seeds, ripen in fall and persist into winter.
Twig:Slender, green, slightly angled; buds pointed, straw-colored.
Bark:Gray-brown, thin, initially smooth.
Form:A low branching shrub to 10 feet, commonly shaped as a hedge.

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