northern bayberry Myricaceae Morella pensylvanica

Leaf:Alternate, deciduous to semi-evergreen, simple, fragrant, obovate to ovate with a tapered base, to 4 inches long, often toothed near the tip but may be entire, dark green and waxy-shiny above, sometimes pubescent, pale green below, yellow resin dots on lower surface only.
Flower:Species is dioecious; both male and female flowers are small (1/2 inch), appearing as catkins in the leaf axils in spring, before the leaves.
Fruit:Round, initially pubescent, becoming waxy bluish-white drupes (1/8 inch+ in diameter), appearing in clusters on short stalks, ripening in late summer and persisting.
Twig:Slender and brittle, reddish brown but appearing gray to white with pubescence, becoming smooth and gray-brown with age.
Bark:Thin and smooth, gray-brown.
Form:Usually a rounded shrub, commonly to 10 feet but may reach 30 feet.

leaf flower fruit twig bark form map