narrowleaf goldenbush Asteraceae Ericameria linearifolia

Leaf:Alternate, simple, drought deciduous, very narrow, 1/2 to 2 inches long, gray-green.
Flower:Species is monoecious; bright yellow flowers, daisy like, 3/4 inch across appearing in leaf axils along the stem in spring.
Fruit:Tufted, fluffy achenes (dandelion-like) with angled or ribbed sides, light brown, dried flower parts are persistent after seeds have dispersed.
Twig:Young twigs are slender, round, light green in color; later turning a light brown.
Bark:Reddish brown to gray-brown, developing darker scaly ridges.
Form:Short, dense shrub reaching up to 5 feet in height and often much wider, typically with many dead older twigs.

leaf flower fruit twig form map