flaxleaf paperbark Myrtaceae Melaleuca linariifolia

Leaf:Alternate, simple, evergreen, lanceolate, 1 1/2 inches, parallel veined, gray-green above and below, stiff, borne on a short petiole.
Flower:Monoecious, white, with numerous long stamens; borne in showy 2 inch bottlebrush-like spikes at the branch tips; flowering heavily in May - June, may be in such profusion that the crown appears to be snow-covered.
Fruit:Numerous seeds are tiny, borne in sessile short cylindrical woody capsules.
Twig:Slender, red-brown, aging to gray-brown.
Bark:Distinctly layered, gray to chalk-white with reddish-brown, shreddy/peeling; notably corky or spongy and thick.
Form:A small tree to 30 feet tall with a stout trunk and rounded crown.

leaf flower bark form map