rosemary mint Lamiaceae Poliomintha incana

Leaf:Opposite, simple, evergreen, oblong to strap-like lanceolate, with an entire margin and rounded tip, lacking a petiole; silvery blue-green and covered with fine pubescence above and below.
Flower:Species is monoecious; white to purple, borne in groups of 1-3 in the leaf axils; individual flowers to 1/3 inch, pea-like, very aromatic; appearing in the spring.
Fruit:A dry fruit that splits at maturity into 4 nutlets.
Twig:Pale silvery blue-green, somewhat 4-angled, and covered with fine pubescence.
Bark:Pale gray and scaly.
Form:A dense shrub with upright twigs to 4 feet tall.

leaf flower bark form map