fragrant sage Lamiaceae Salvia clevelandii

Leaf:Opposite, simple, evergreen, narrowly elliptical to lanceolate in shape, to 3 inches in length; woolly-tomentose and gray-green above and below; aromatic.
Flower:Species is monoecious; bright purple-blue, in whorls borne on a 12 inch spike; individual flowers to 1/2 inch with long pistils and stamens extending beyond the pea-like coralla; very aromatic; appearing mid-summer.
Fruit:Small shiny nutlets borne in husks.
Twig:Red-brown to gray-brown and pale-tomentose.
Bark:Red-brown to gray-brown.
Form:A rounded straggling shrub to four feet tall with arching branches that root where they touch the ground.

leaf flower twig bark form map