sandpaper tree Boraginaceae Ehretia anacua

Leaf:Alternate, simple, very tardily deciduous to evergreen, 2-3 inches, ovate, margins entire or with a few teeth above the middle, with a bristle tip, sandpaper rough on the upper suface, light green above and below.
Flower:Showy and fragrant, in 3 inch clusters at the branch tips, individual flowers white and star-shaped, with 5 petals, 1/4 inch, appearing in spring.
Fruit:In clusters, berry-like and fleshy, edible, 1/4 inch in diameter, yellow to orange when ripe, maturing early summer.
Twig:Slender, bristly-hairy, buds are small, covered with 4 scales, olive-green to brown.
Bark:Gray-brown or red-brown, initially scaly, becoming irregularly furrowed.
Form:A suckering shrub or small tree to 50 feet, often with several wide-spreading trunks, becoming gnarled.

leaf fruit twig bark form map