banana yucca Agavaceae Yucca baccata

Leaf:Evergreen, stiff and sword-like, thick and fleshy, numerous at the ends of branches, 12 to 24 inches long, sharp pointed tip, edges fibrous, blue-green to yellow-green, with up-curled edges.
Flower:Very attractive, creamy white, bell-shaped, 6-petaled, up to 4 inches long, borne on a 3 foot tall upright woody inflorescence, appearing in late spring.
Fruit:Fleshy sweet edible capsules up to 10 inches long, green, indehiscent, bearing many tiny seeds, borne on a woody inflorescence.
Bark:Gray-brown, initially covered with brown dead leaves.
Form:Dense, mounded clumps of leaves that reach 6 feet in height (more commonly to 3 feet).

leaf flower fruit bark form map