deerberry Ericaceae Vaccinium stamineum

Leaf:Alternate, simple, elliptical, entire, 1 to 3 inches long, green above and white, pubescent beneath.
Flower:Small (1/4 inch), white, bell-shaped with 5 lobes, yellowish stamens extend past petals in axillary clusters, appearing in spring.
Fruit:Small, purplish-black (may stay greenish) berries with a white bloom, edible but not always sweet, ripens in mid to late summer.
Twig:Slender, zigzag, green and red turning light brown; buds small and pointed.
Bark:Gray-brown to reddish brown, finely shreddy.
Form:Upright small to medium sized shrub up to 10 feet tall with an open spreading crown with twisted branches.

leaf flower fruit twig bark form map