Japanese privet Oleaceae Ligustrum japonicum

Leaf:Opposite, evergreen, simple, elliptical, 2 to 3 inches long, entire margin, thick and leathery; shiny, waxy, dark green above, considerably paler below.
Flower:Perfect, occurring in an upright, terminal panicle (2 to 4 inches long) of small creamy, white flowers, fragrant, appearing in early summer on new growth.
Fruit:Dark blue, round to oblong drupe in clusters, 1/4 inch diameter, ripen in early fall.
Twig:Slender, somewhat square, light brown with numerous white, corky lenticels; buds small and light brown.
Bark:Smooth, gray-brown, numerous lighter lenticels.
Form:Large, upright shrub or small tree, up to 20 feet with a dense crown.

leaf flower twig bark form map