two-petal ash Oleaceae Fraxinus dipetala

Leaf:Opposite, pinnately compound, 5 to 7 leaflets (each 1 to 2 inches long), sharply serrated margin, 4 to 6 inches long, shiny green above and paler below.
Flower:Attractive white flowers each with two petals (1/4 inch across), appearing in long (3 to 5 inch) hanging clusters in spring as the leaves appear.
Fruit:A broad, straight-winged samara, 1 inch long, notched or square tip, wing extends nearly to base of flattened seed, ripens in mid to late summer.
Twig:Moderate to stout, 4-angled or round, brown scruffy bud scales, large shield-shaped leaf scar, generally greenish brown
Bark:Gray-brown and smooth when young, later developing a shallow, scaly rectangular pattern.
Form:Large shrub or small tree, reaching up to 20 feet tall, generally a single stem.

leaf fruit twig bark form map