yellow paloverde Fabaceae Parkinsonia microphylla

Leaf:Alternate, bipinnately compound, with only 2 major leaflets making it appear as a pair of pinnately compound leaves, each about 1/2 inch long, green and short lived.
Flower:Loose clusters of bright yellow flowers with 5 lobes, entire flower 1/2 inch across, appearing in spring and early summer.
Fruit:Two to 4 inch cylindrical legume swollen at seeds, sharply pointed at ends, light brown, matures in the summer, persist on the tree.
Twig:Slender to moderately stout, yellow-green, smooth, each short twig ending in a sharp point.
Bark:Initially smooth and yellow-green, later turning light brown and a bit scaly.
Form:Large shrub or small tree (up to 25 feet tall) with a crooked trunk and a wide spreading crown with many fine branches, leafless for much of the year.

leaf flower fruit twig bark form map