bigberry manzanita Ericaceae Arctostaphylos glauca

Leaf:Alternate, simple, evergreen, 1 to 2 inches long, leathery, oval to ovate, entire margins, whitened bluish green on both surfaces, leaves are generally oriented upright.
Flower:Perfect, urn-shaped, pinkish white, appearing in terminal clusters in late winter and early spring.
Fruit:Round, sticky, 1/2 inch apple-like drupe, little pulp over a number of fused nutlets, ripen in late summer.
Twig:Smooth and green.
Bark:Very attractive, smooth and yellow to reddish brown on young stems, later developing exfoliating reddish patches.
Form:Large shrub or small tree to 25 feet tall, generally with several major crooked stems.

leaf flower fruit twig bark form map