blue ash Oleaceae Fraxinus quadrangulata

Leaf:Opposite, pinnately compound, 7 to 11 ovate or lanceolate leaflets with a serrated margin, overall length 7 to 11 inches, shiny green above, dull and paler below.
Flower:Perfect, in panicles that appear before the leaves, pale green.
Fruit:Wide-winged samara, 1 to 1 1/2 inches long, flattened seed.
Twig:Stout, distinctly 4-angled or winged (especially on new or rapid growth), light gray-brown when mature; buds gray to reddish brown; leaf scars notched.
Bark:Ashy gray to brown, rough scaly when young, later developing irregular fissures and scaly ridges.
Form:A medium sized tree reaching up to 70 feet tall with a short bole and an irregular crown.

leaf fruit twig bark form map