seagrape Polygonaceae Coccoloba uvifera

Leaf:Alternate, simple, circular with a heart-shaped base, leathery and persistent, 5 to 11 inches long, dark green with a red or nearly yellow mid-vein, fuzzy below.
Flower:Not showy, borne on a narrow stalk, 10 to 12 inches long, appearing nearly any time of year.
Fruit:Round or egg-shaped, each about 1 inch long, initially pale green and turning pinkish when ripe, occurring on long, hanging clusters.
Twig:Stout, orangish brown.
Bark:Thin, smooth, light brown or gray, blotchy with orange patches.
Form:Small sprawling shrub near the coast but becomes a larger tree up to 50 feet tall farther inland.

leaf fruit twig bark form map