pondcypress Cupressaceae Taxodium ascendens

Leaf:Linear or awl-like and small, 3/8 inch long, held close to the twig, green to yellow-green.
Flower:Males in 3 to 5 inch long hanging panicles, females are small and occur near branch tips.
Fruit:Nearly round cone with peltate scales, 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter, initially yellow-green but turning brown and breaking into individual scales when mature.
Twig:May be deciduous or not. Slender, covered with tight scale-like foliage, later brown and rough as needles age and fall off; buds rounded. Typical deciduous branchlets ascend vertically from branches.
Bark:Fibrous and shreddy, red-brown and gray where oxidized. Thought to become thicker than that of baldcypress.
Form:Medium sized tree with a pyramidal crown, clear bole and often buttressed base, generally smaller than baldcypress.

leaf flower fruit twig bark form map