evergreen blackberry Rosaceae Rubus laciniatus

Leaf:Alternate, palmately compound (3 to 5 highly lacerated leaflets), persistent; leaflets deeply lacerated, green to greenish-red above and paler below, rachis and petiole armed with recurved prickles.
Flower:Perfect, complete; about 1 inch across, white to pink, borne in clusters, appearing in early summer.
Fruit:Black aggregate of drupelets about 1 inch long; adheres to torus (central core) when removed from plant. Very edible.
Twig:Stout, heavily ribbed, purplish-red, armed with heavy recurved prickles.
Form:An erect, spreading, or trailing evergreen shrub that gets very large and grows in dense, impenetrable thickets. Young stems are erect, but arch as they lengthen, eventually touching the ground and rooting at the nodes.

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