multiflora rose Rosaceae Rosa multiflora

Leaf:Alternate, pinnately compound leaf, 3 to 5 inches long, 5 to 11 serrated leaflets, comb-like stipules along base of petiole, dark green above and paler below.
Flower:White, 5 wedge-shaped petals, 2 inches across, occurring in clusters, fragrant, appearing in early summer.
Fruit:Red to reddish brown, 1/4 inch, oblong, fleshy "hip", ripens in late summer and persist through the winter.
Twig:Green or greenish-red, usually with paired, curved prickles, long and arching stems; buds red, pointed.
Bark:Brown, finely shreddy at base.
Form:Sprawling arching stems which form a large round crown and dense thickets; individual stems often reaching high into the air when supported.

leaf flower fruit twig bark form map