avocado Lauraceae Persea americana

Leaf:Alternate, simple, entire margins, broadly lance-shaped, evergreen, 4 to 8 inches long, 1 to 3 inches wide, spicy odor when crushed, dark green above, pale below.
Flower:Small, light yellow-green, lacking petals; occurring in racemes near the branch tips; generally appearing at the end of winter.
Fruit:Familiar avacados are round to pear-shaped drupes with green to dark purple skin that is smooth to pebbly; flesh is yellow-green and buttery, surrounding a large round seed.
Twig:Moderately stout, greem to brown, angled or ridged, finely pubescent; buds are short and covered in rusty colored hairs.
Bark:Reddish brown to gray, developing irregular furrows.
Form:A small tree with a dense crown, to 60 feet tall but more commonly to 30 feet.

leaf flower fruit bark form map