colicwood Myrsinaceae Myrsine cubana

Leaf:Alternate, simple, evergreen and leathery, narrowly elliptical to obovate, to 4 inches long, shiny dark green above and below, margins entire and somewhat rolled, borne on a short petiole.
Flower:Species is mostly dioecious; flowers are small, pale yellow-green to white, borne in tight clusters along the branches; appearing any time of year.
Fruit:A 1/4 inch round blue-black drupe borne is small clusters along the branches; initially green, ripening the year after flowering.
Twig:Moderate to slender, glabrous, green to gray-brown; leaf scars rounded.
Bark:Gray-brown and somewhat warty.
Form:An upright shrub or small tree with a narrow, reaching 30 feet tall.

leaf fruit bark form map