Hooker's manzanita Ericaceae Arctostaphylos hookeri

Leaf:Alternate, simple, evergreen, elliptical to somewhat leanceolate, to 1 1/2 inches long, leathery, entire margins, pointed at tip and generally rounded at base, bright green above and below, often they are arranged nearly vertically.
Flower:Perfect, urn-shaped, 1/4 inch long, pinkish-white, occurring in tightly grouped hanging cluster at the ends of twigs in early spring.
Fruit:Small, less than 1/4 inch round, brick red, berry-like drupe that resembles a tiny apple, maturing in the summer and persistent.
Twig:Young twigs are yellow green and sparsely hairy, later they become dark red and smooth, buds are small and pointy.
Bark:Smooth, glossy, reddish brown.
Form:A thicket-forming low shrub that is generally one foot tall may may reach 6 feet, with numerous crooked branches.

leaf flower form map