poisonwood Anacardiaceae Metopium toxiferum

Leaf:Alternate, pinnately compound, evergreen and leathery, to 12 inches long, with 5 to 7 ovate leaflets with entire margins, shiny yellow-green to dark green above and pale green below; may become black-spotted as the leaves exude latex-based sap. TOXIC.
Flower:Small, yellowish green, appearing in clusters at the branch tips, present year-round but are more prolific in spring. TOXIC.
Fruit:An orange-brown 3/8 inch drupe borne in loose clusters; mostly ripening in the fall. TOXIC.
Twig:Stout, reddish-brown and shiny to gray; may have some rusty pubescence near the tips; leaf scars raised and narrow to shield-shaped; terminal buds conical. TOXIC.
Bark:Sycamore-like, mottled dark gray, brown, and orange; producing a latex-based black sap especially when wounded. TOXIC.
Form:A large shrub or small tree with a rounded crown to 40 feet tall.

leaf flower bark form map