Arctic willow Salicaceae Salix arctica

Leaf:Alternate, simple, deciduous, ovate to nearly round, to 2 inches long, edges entire and may be long ciliate; hairy or shiny green on top, lower surface long-hairy or glaucous with long hairs near the tip; stipules mostly absent.
Flower:Species is dioecious; showy yellow (males) or purple (female) catkins stand upright from the branch tips; up to 4 inches long; flowers lack petals; appearing with the new leaves.
Fruit:Small, silky, wind-dispersed seeds from tear-shaped capsules, develop and shed early in the growing season.
Twig:Yellow-brown to red-brown and glaucous.
Bark:Yellow-brown to red-brown and glaucous, weathering to gray.
Form:A small creeping and twisted shrub, commonly less than 6 inches tall but may reach 2 feet; mat forming, often rooting at the branch tips.

leaf flower fruit form map