lanceleaf greenbrier Smilacaceae Smilax smallii

Leaf:Alternate, evergreen, simple, lanceolate to ovate (on mature stems), entire margins, 3 to 4 inches long, 1 to 2 inches wide, parallel veined, shiny lustrous green above (may have lighter green patches), a bit paler below.
Flower:Monoecious; small (ΒΌ inch), pale yellow-green, borne in small round clusters ( 1 inch across) in leaf axils (4 to 8 flowers) in mid-spring to early summer.
Fruit:Green, 1/4 inch berry, later turning red and eventually dark brown, borne in tight clusters, persist over winter.
Twig:Green, mostly round but sometimes angular, very stiff with climbing tendrils, mostly thorn less except for rapid new growth.
Bark:Green, turning greenish brown on older stems.
Form:A climbing vine found draped in trees and shrubs may get up to 30 feet into trees, often forms very dense, tangled thickets.

leaf fruit twig bark form map