Chinese windmill palm Arecaceae Trachycarpus fortunei

Leaf:Alternate, evergreen, palmately compound, fan shaped, leaf stalks 3 feet long and armed with 2 rows of small spines (sometimes these are reduced to bumps), leaflets lance shaped, yellow-green in color, overall leaf 3 feet in diameter, leaflet edges entire.
Flower:Species is dioecious; Small yellow-green flowers occurring on 2-3 foot branched clusters, appearing in spring.
Fruit:Fleshy yellow to glaucous blue drupe, nearly round, 1/2 inch across, maturing in fall.
Bark:Gray-brown and smooth, but usually obscured by the fibrous burlap-like leaf bases.
Form:A stout straight trunk with a tuft of leaves at the top, to 50 feet but commonly much shorter than that; without pruning the trunks are usually sheathed in fibrous dead leaves (a "skirt") that extend nearly to the ground.

flower fruit map