teak Verbenaceae Tectona grandis

Leaf:Opposite, simple, deciduous, ovate, to 18 inches long, typically quite velvety, green above and silvery-hairy below; margins entire.
Flower:Species is monoecious; appearing in large clusters of white flowers borne on 16 inch panicles at the branch tips; individual flowers are 1/4 inch and very fragrant; present mid-summer.
Fruit:A round woody drupe enclosed in a green spongy covering, 1/2 inch in diameter; ripening in winter.
Twig:Stout, gray- brown, somewhat angled, lenticellate, initially covered in silvery to rusty pubescence; leaf scars nearly round to flat-topped.
Bark:Fibrous, grayish brown with shallow fissures.
Form:A large tree to 125 feet tall with a round crown and buttressed trunk.

leaf flower form map