three-toothed-cinquefoil Rosaceae Sibbaldiopsis tridentata

Leaf:Alternate, evergreen, trifoliate, leaflets lack a petiole, overall 2 inches long, petiole may be silky-hairy, leaflets shiny waxy, obovate, margins mostly entire but with three large teeth at the leaflet tips, becoming dark yellow-green above and turning red in the fall, pale green below.
Flower:Buttercup-like, 1/2 inch across, monoecious, creamy white, 5 petals, clustered at the branch tips; present from mid- to late-summer.
Fruit:A compact head of achenes.
Twig:Green to reddish brown, slender, new growth is silky-hairy.
Bark:Gray-brown, shreddy.
Form:A low multi-stem shrub, marginally woody; to 10 inches.

leaf form map