Japanese corktree Rutaceae Phellodendron japonicum

Leaf:Opposite, pinnately compound, 12 inches; 9 to 13 ovate to elliptical leaflets that are very finely serrate; shiny dark green above, much paler below, with pubescence on the petiolules and along the midrib; rachis pubescent.
Flower:Upright 4 inch long clusters of small yellow-green flowers, appearing in late spring to early summer.
Fruit:Black 3/8 inch diameter drupe in clusters, ripen in early fall and persist through the winter.
Twig:Stout, reddish brown, numerous lighter lenticels; large raised U-shaped leaf scars encircles a fuzzy brown broadly conical bud; inner bark of twigs bright yellow.
Bark:Gray-brown, ridged and furrowed, somewhat corky.
Form:A small tree (30 feet), with a spreading to rounded crown.

twig map