slender sunflower Asteraceae Helianthus gracilentus

Leaf:Opposite, simple, tardily deciduous to evergreen, lanceolate to somewhat ovate, 4 inches long, entire or finely serrate margins, yellow-green above, pale and gland-dotted below.
Flower:Very attractive and chocolate-scented, bright yellow daisy-like flowers, each 2 inches across, appearing at the ends of twigs on long stalks (elevating the flowers well above leaves) late spring through early fall.
Fruit:A composite of small achenes, each 1/8 inch long with 2 tufted hairs.
Twig:Barely woody, red-brown and gray-fuzzy.
Bark:Gray and shallowly furrowed.
Form:Small, marginally woody, sparse mounding shrub up to 3 feet tall and equally as wide.

leaf flower twig form map