flowering ash Oleaceae Fraxinus ornus

Leaf:Opposite, pinnately compound, 8 to 12 inches long, 5 to 9 ovate, finely serrated leaflets, each up to 4 inches long, shiny green above, paler below with pubescence along the veins.
Flower:Species is monoecious; showy and fragrant; occurring in loose panicles 6 to 8 inches long, with 4 strap-like white petals; appear with the leaves in early spring.
Fruit:Straight, slender single winged samara, 1 inch long, 1/4 inch wide, in hanging clusters, mature in late summer and fall.
Twig:Stout, green- brown, leaf scar semi-circular, buds pubescent, pink/gray-brown.
Bark:Smooth and green-brown to gray-brown, even on older trees.
Form:In Europe, this is a medium-sized tree reaching up to 75 feet tall and 3 feet in diameter forming a rounded crown with a long clear trunk; it is somewhat shorter in cultivation, commonly less than 50 feet tall.

leaf twig bark form map