sprawling torch Cactaceae Soehrensia thelegona

Leaf:Reduced to a pale gray spine, central spine(s) up to 2 inches and lateral spines 1/2 inch, displayed in vertical rows along the bark ridges, areole clusters of 6-10 spines 1/2 inch apart; can be so dense that the stem appears downy.
Flower:Attractive, white, funnel-shaped, 4 inches across, blooming at night during late spring to early summer, appearing at the branch tips.
Fruit:A nearly round berry, densely thorny, 2 inches, green ripening to red.
Bark:A green, leathery thick skin with up to 12 prominent vertical ridges.
Form:Clustered, unbranched column-like branches sprawling from a central point, to 3 feet tall and 6 feet long, individual stems approximately 4 inches in diameter.

leaf form map