common privet Oleaceae Ligustrum vulgare

Leaf:Opposite, simple deciduous (semi-evergreen in warmer areas), lanceolate to narrow oblong, entire margins, dark green, 1 to 2 inches long, glabrous midveins (maybe a few hairs early in the growing season)
Flower:1 to 3 inch long terminal dense clusters of small white very fragrant flowers, tips of anthers do not extend past petals, appearing in late spring on only terminal twigs.
Fruit:Shiny black drupes, 1/4 inch across, ripen in late summer and persist through winter.
Twig:Slender, gray brown, glaborous or with a few hairs, opposite thorn-like short twigs often persist.
Bark:Smooth gray-brown with numerous lighter horizontal lenticels.
Form:Shrub reaching up to 15 feet tall typically with numerous main stems.

leaf flower twig bark form map