mountain-camellia Theaceae Stewartia ovata

Leaf:Alternate, simple, broadly ovate, long pointed, to 5 inches long; dark green and shiny above, paler and hairy below; margins entire with fine hairs along the edge (ciliate).
Flower:Very attractive, to 3 inches across, with 5 white fringed petals surrounding showy yellow-orange anthers; appearing in early summer.
Fruit:Dry 1 inch long woody capsule, egg-shaped but sharply pointed, 5 parted.
Twig:Slender, zigzag, light reddish brown; buds flattened and covered in silky white pubescence; leaf scar with 1 bundle scar.
Bark:Ridged and furrowed with gray-brown rounded-top ridges and orange-brown furrows.
Form:A small tree or large shrub to 20 feet tall.

fruit twig bark form map