mountain currant Grossulariaceae Ribes alpinum

Leaf:Alternate, simple, deciduous, orbicular, palmately 3-lobed, serrated; 1 to 2 inches; dark green and pubescent above, paler below.
Flower:Species is dioecious; yellow-green; 2 inch racemes appearing in early spring.
Fruit:Bright red, pea-sized berries; edible but unpalatable; ripening in mid-summer.
Twig:Reddish-brown, glabrous, ridged, with large, somewhat stalked conical green-brown buds.
Bark:Reddish brown to grayish brown, thin, developing papery exfoliation.
Form:A loosely branched multi-stem shrub to 6 feet. Naturally forms a dense hedge.

leaf flower twig bark form map