Alabama snow-wreath Rosaceae Neviusia alabamensis

Leaf:Alternate, simple, deciduous; 3 inches long, ovate to nearly cordate, doubly serrate, prominently penniveined, green above and paler below.
Flower:Showy, 3 to 8 flowers arranged in loose conical clusters; individual flowers lacking petals, composed of pompom-like clusters of white stamens subtended by leafy sepals; appearing in late spring.
Fruit:Small yellow-green oval drupe-like achenes, ripening in early fall.
Twig:Slender, initially green, changing to red-brown.
Bark:Smooth and red-brown, become somewhat shreddy.
Form:A loosely branched suckering shrub with arching stems growing to 8 feet tall.

leaf flower twig bark form map