Italian cypress Cupressaceae Cupressus sempervirens

Leaf:Evergreen, scale-like, blunt-tipped, tight and crowded on the twig in opposite pairs, dark green.
Flower:Species is monoecious; males are small, pale yellow-green at ends of branch tips; females small light green near branch tips.
Fruit:Dry, egg-shaped to round, woody cones, to 1 1/2 inch in length, 6 to 8 overlapping scales, each scale with a small projection.
Twig:Slender, square, covered in scale-like leaves, turning gray with age.
Bark:Red-brown in color, exfoliating in long, fibrous strips, weathers to ashy gray.
Form:An upright, straight tree to 100 feet maximum but far more commonly to less than 50 feet. Most planted trees are cultivars selected for their very narrow crowns.

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