The Basics of Tree Identification


One of the most important and useful skills in forestry is the ability to correctly identify trees in the forest.  The best way to develop these skills are to gain a little bit of know-how and then practice, practice, practice.  Over the duration of this course, we will introduce you to six or seven new species of trees with every new module.  Hopefully, this will be enough species for you to identify many of the major trees on your forest property without overwhelming you. 

Before we jump into that, though, it is important to understand the various features of a tree that are important to its identification.  Click on each feature below to see a detailed description of the characteristics which are important for identification.

The key to identification is recognizing as many of these characteristics as possible to give you an accurate idea of exactly what tree you have.  Now that you know the basic information, its time to think about how you identify a tree, if you have no idea what it is.

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