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Review of a katsuratree
(katsuratree - Cercidiphyllum japonicum)
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Reviewer: U&CF Partnership Coordinator Barbara White

This is a beautiful tree at maturity unfortunately anyone who plants one will probably not live to see it get there, it is still worth planting. In the fall when the leaves start to turn color they emit a sweet fragrance which is what drew me to find the first one I ever saw. During the transplant years they need to be watered regularly. Do not allow them to get overly dry especially going into winter. If planted where there is the potential of winter sunscald it is recommended to wrap the base of the trunk for the first few years, unwrap for the summer and fall. The extra work is worth it for such a special tree. If you want a single stem tree up to 6 feet or higher you will have to work with this tree a little, or puchase at a larger size, they like to be multiple stemed.


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