Light Requirement Rating

Every tree is ranked on a scale of 0 to 5 based on how much light it requires for optimal growth.
Five yellow suns indicate that it requires full sun to survive and reproduce.

One yellow sun indicates that it can survive and reproduce under a very dark canopy.

This largely affects which regeneration method is best for the tree but also inflences where a seed or seedling should be planted. Older trees always require more direct sun than seedlings. The growth rate of the tree is best when the tree recieves a certain amount of sun.

In general if you have done a clearcut you may plant trees that require full sun because they will have the fastest growth. If you have done a seed tree treatment, you would want to manage something that has three or four suns. A shelterwood or group selection cut would regenerate best with trees that have 1 or 2 suns. If you want trees to grow in a forest with a very dense canopy that has not had any cutting then you want trees with no suns.