Measuring Tree Height Using a Tree Scale Stick


            To measure tree height using a Biltmore or tree scale stick, find the side of the stick that gives the number of logs.  On tree scale sticks it may be found on the narrow side of the stick and may be labeled Merritt Hypsometer (Fig. 1).


Figure 1.  The Merritt Hypsometer
side of tree scale sticks.



Stand 66 feet from the tree and hold the stick vertically at arms length, making sure the log measurement side of the stick is visible.  Line up the zero end of the stick with the base of the tree.  Without moving your head, look to the predetermined cutoff point for the measurement of the top of the tree.  The location at which this point intersects the stick is the height measurement in logs (Fig. 2).  Read to the nearest half-log.  If height measurement is desired in feet, the conversion factor is 16 feet for each log.


Figure 2.  Demonstrating the use of a tree scale stick to measure tree height.